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05 mai 2020

Jane sometimes rides her bike at night

Here is an activity to revise the present simple and adverbs of frequency

What does Jane do to be safe on her bike at night? Listen to the grammar chant and find out!

Can you hear the adverbs of frequency in the chant?

Read the text aloud to practise and improve you english accent.

Then answer this question in the comments

What do you like doing? Tell us about things that you always, usually, sometimes or never do!

28 avril 2020

Routine with jazz chants


27 mars 2020

A book to start reading in english

It starts in FRENCH but there is a little english in it. It's here


zoe et l'élexir.jpg
zoe et l'élexir.jpg, mar. 2020


21 mars 2020

Present simple : emploi, formation et prononciation du "s"

watch this video

Lire la suite...

18 mars 2020


Listen to this

and do the work 5 Wonderwoman.pdf

14 mars 2020

Introducing yourself on a blog or on an e-mail

Pour revoir comment se présenter here and there

Lecture + exercise de compréhension + entraînement à l'écriture

About my family


Pour retravailler ce qui a été demandé au test et plus. Exercices de lecture et entraînement à l'écriture.

07 novembre 2019

"Be" song


18 septembre 2019

Alphabet dance


I couldn't resist 


Revise them here

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