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15 décembre 2017

More about star wars

For the real fans go  here and there a for the interviews

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13 décembre 2017


24909970_1872187949462750_2960075175909888050_n.png, déc. 2017


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Star wars: the last Jedi

For all the fans


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A tribute to Johnny Hallyday

Watch him talking about his life here in english


Here is one of his interview in English before a concert in New york and a tour of America

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British versus american Christmas

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Sharing for xmas

On this link find a great ad for that day.




You may also like this video 

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06 décembre 2017

A nice surprise today for St Nicolas

Here are some of the cakes one of my students made with her mother. They are delicious. Yummy!



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03 décembre 2017

I will survive the Thanksgiving version

My contribution to Thanksgiving this year.

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30 novembre 2017

A song upon request : the Spectre

Thank you Tristan for your suggestion I hope others like it too/

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29 novembre 2017

The Yorkshire Dales

Discover this beautiful part of England.

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