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09 mars 2019

International women's day.

Some school girls have spoken about it and about who inspires them. Listen to them here

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08 mars 2019

10 unique animals


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26 février 2019

Discover Wales and learn about St David's day

Watch the video and read more about these subjects here

21 février 2019

Learning with stories


20 février 2019

present simple rap song

Watch it and see how much you can remember


14 février 2019

Dorothea Lange Creative Writing Winner in 4th form euro

SN_lange_int11-463x620.jpg, fév. 2019


Pupils were asked to write a story based on one of Dorothea Lange’s photos. The text of the winner is just below but what would you have written?


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13 février 2019

Love is in the air


11 février 2019

What book are you reading ?


What was the lest one you read?

What was the best one you've ever read?

Give others advice

Write a caption for this photo competition.


Send it in the comments and vote for the best one or read what others propose here.

Eurovision song contest 2019 : Michael Rice UK and Bilal Hassani Fr

A song to learn comparative and revise the future here

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