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18 novembre 2018

The weekend crossword : past tense irregular verbs


13 novembre 2018

About fantastic beasts

fantastic beast.jpg
fantastic beast.jpg, nov. 2018

Watch to find out some wizarding secrets here and learn more about wands

or get some information on the film and discover the trailer there

Making poppies

Why not making poppies to remember WWI ?

Here are ideas to make some.

making poppies 2.jpg
making poppies 2.jpg, nov. 2018
making poppies.jpg
making poppies.jpg, nov. 2018















You can also watch this tutorial

11 novembre 2018

Saying dates

08 novembre 2018

Message to you all

courage.jpg, nov. 2018

Dear pupils,

You’re not doing it wrong, it’s just really THAT hard.


Been there, done that, made it through, and so will you.

07 novembre 2018

For all my champions

At the cinema now!

06 novembre 2018

Summer time

A great work made by anais chevigny to speak about your summer.

Lire la suite...

05 novembre 2018

About poppies.

poppies.jpg, nov. 2018

A lovely military man selling poppies stopped me today and asked if he could reposition mine - while doing so he told me

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04 novembre 2018

Did you celebrate Halloween like this ?

pumpkin boat.jpg
pumpkin boat.jpg, nov. 2018

watch the video there

About Bonfire night and fireworks

It's here and you can try a quiz to find out what firework you are most like!

firework.jpg, nov. 2018


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