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16 octobre 2017

classes diaries



Wednesday 18th kiKnkxaaT.png

4th Aubrac

Classwork chosing and book and how to talk about it + CO the appointment + correction du test dernier ex

homework travailler le dialogue du rendez vous

5th Chasles

Classwork EE test be have + CO luka song

homework apprendre les fiche de remediation be have et present simple et compléter fiche his her

Tuesday 17th

4th Aubrac

Classwork Test correction + EE dialogue sur le rendez vous avec les  2 présents

homework faire signer le test et faire les corrections

5th Descartes

Classwork ex be have correction

homework s'entraîner à refaire les ex pour test

5th Chasles

Classwork  ex be have Forme ? et -

homework s'entraîner à refaire les ex pour test  et finir la fiche

Monday 16th October

6th Demeter

Classwork Halloween

homework revoir les articles sur Halloween sur le blog

5th Descartes

Classwork EO + ex be / have

homework finir les ex

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10 octobre 2017

Happy to go go school

A song to learn to be and possessives

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Happy October



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Cornwall : a holiday destination


Most beaches have rock pools, many rich in pipefish, crabs, prawns and anemones.

Discover more about it there

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Getting enough chances


After hearing "we don't have the same parents" twice today I'd like you to read this and watch the video on the link. Then I'd be interested in receiving your comments.

A report released today suggests there are huge differences in the opportunities people get in life.

That can be because of factors such as where you grow up, how much money your parents have and the colour of your skin - rather than how clever or talented you are.

Go to this page to get more about it.

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09 octobre 2017

31 Recipes You Should Make In October

On this page

I' like to try the Spiced Parsnip Cake and you ?

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Halloween and food

To continue to learn some vocabulary about food and ger ready for Halloween


classes diaries


Friday 13th October

6th Demeter

classwork test on numbers + writing a postcard

revoir le cours

6th Athena

classwork test on numbers + writing a postcard + présenter qq'1 + he / she is ( age) from ... towns and nationalities

pas de devoir bon voyage

5th Descartes

classwork E-twinning + class engl pupils

homework faire son profile

5th Chasles

classwork E-twinning + revision neighbour et neighbourhood

homework faire son profile

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04 octobre 2017

Upon request for my 6th forms

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02 octobre 2017

Mr Men and Little Miss

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