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31 octobre 2016

A message from our correspondants in Italy after another earthquake

italy.png, oct. 2016

On this map you can see our friends town is in red Terni and the last earthquake was in Norcia (74 km from their town)

This is a message I received from their teacher this morning:

"We are OK even though our school was closed due to the earthquake last week. 
This morning we woke up with a very strong earthquake again and in Terni everyone is safe but we are all scared!" 

Let's think of them and wish them to be well.

To know more about the events there go to this page.

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12 octobre 2016

This is Norway

A beautiful video to show you where some of our correspondants some from

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Making films, making friends : label and map




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03 octobre 2016

New E-twinning project for my 3rd forms this year

Making Films, Making Friends


That is the title of our new project  and you can read is summary below.

Students choose and work on some scenes from films they like and create language activities on them. They create an ebook with the activities, the scenes and the stories. Then they write a story to create a short film to be created all together. In the story each country can include some expressions in their mother tongue so the others can learn some words of other languages too (if this fits the story). If possible sts meet an actor/actress and interview him/her. If a country finds an actor/actress available the meeting can be shared with the other schools creating an online event so everyone can take part in it.

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29 mai 2016

The old man's E-twinning project is coming to an end


b6ebab8a.png, mai 2016

Time for you to evaluate it. You'll find attached the document to prepare it. Project_evaluation.docx

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17 novembre 2015

More warm messages from our E-twinning friends.

From the Norvegian correspondants : to all our friends from Paris.

From Italy :

16 novembre 2015

Messages from our E-twinning correspondants

Hello dear partners! My heart go out to you and your students, colleagues and your families! We are thinking of you! <3 Warm regards, Helene <3
- Posted by Helene Møller, from Norway 15.11.2015

Just heard about the terrorist attacks and thought of you. It's unbelievable and horrible. Hugs from Italy.  By Chiara 14 11 2015

12 octobre 2015

Our new E-twinning project map

Here you can see where our correspondants are from.

07 octobre 2015

44 correspondants are already waiting for you with the E-twinning project

We'll discover them in class. Get ready to join in.

23 mai 2015

Having a correspondant

To find one you can go to this site

or to that one

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