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14 février 2012

Happy valentine !

Do you know the origins of this celebration ?

You can learn more on my article from 9th february 2010

Are you doing anything special today ?

To get ideas on gifts listen to this

What is the best way to celebrate it ?

What's your favorite love song ? Love me tender ?

To know about how they celebrate it in Indiana, USA, listen to Jessica

16 février 2010

It's Pancake Day!

Kids across Europe, North America and Australia will be getting out the eggs and flour and frying up some pancakes.

 It's Pancake Day! Also known as Shrove Tuesday it is the day you pig out before fasting until Easter.

 But in Russia - it's not just limited to one day - they get a whole week of munching on pancakes - or blinis as they're known there.

They symbolise the sun as they're round, warm and golden... and because of that they help ward off cold winter weather.

The snack is served  topped with fish, mushrooms, jam, sour cream or butter.

They're a big part of the Maslenitsa Festival, which celebrates the end of winter and the arrival of spring.

Send me your recipe and tell me how many you've eaten this year.

How do you like them?

Do you toss them? 

Happy eating!