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17 avril 2020

Harry Potter : the exhibition

Voyagez au fil de l'exposition de la British Library

20 mars 2020

Good news : dolphins in Venice

venice.jpg, mar. 2020

As Italy quarantines over coronavirus, swans appear in Venice canals, dolphins swim up playfully

“Nature just hit the reset button” in the suddenly clear waters of Venice canals and off the coast of a locked-down Italy.

With the canals in Venice empty of its usual boat traffic, photos on social media show clear waters and the return of wildlife.

03 février 2019

Groundhog day 2019

28 janvier 2019

Sala: money raised for private search of missing Cardiff City footballer's plane

As you told me about it here is what I found for you.

Now you can tell me what happened and when. What they have done since. Who he was, where he played ...

Fortnite: Lucky gamers compete at Australian Open

Fortnite-913962.jpg, janv. 2019

Learn more about it here and discover more articles about it.

Then you can explain me how to play this game.

22 janvier 2019

Dog sled race in France

To go with today's snow. Watch it here.

10 janvier 2018

News in levels

Read or listen to the news in english according to your level to improve here

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13 décembre 2017

Star wars: the last Jedi

For all the fans


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A tribute to Johnny Hallyday

Watch him talking about his life here in english


Here is one of his interview in English before a concert in New york and a tour of America

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23 juin 2017

Teenage boys wear skirts to school to protest against 'no shorts' policy

2000.jpg, juin 2017

Read more here.

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