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16 avril 2020

Have you been baking while hanging out at home?

cooking.jpg, avr. 2020

It's a question asked on newsround you can see it here you can tell me about it in the comments or send me your recipes or pictures by mail.

01 octobre 2019

One month already !

71232570_10157023084363303_3460362245949620224_n.jpg, oct. 2019

Take a few minutes to think over last month.

What were the good or difficult moments? What did you do? What did you learn? What can you do better this month?

11 février 2019

What book are you reading ?


What was the lest one you read?

What was the best one you've ever read?

Give others advice

31 janvier 2019

Most extreme weather conditions

As we talked about weather forecast today I thought you may find this interesting.

Any idea of the coldest temperature, the longest dry period, the biggest hail, the heaviest rain ...?

Read and tell me what surprised you the most.

22 janvier 2019


read aloud day.png
read aloud day.png, janv. 2019

What does reading aloud mean to you? Share your favorite read-aloud moments, memories and events—a story, a picture, a video, or drawing.

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19 septembre 2017

Meet the children starting school in Britain's oldest uniform


Look at more picts here

Would you like to wear this kind of uniform?

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07 septembre 2017

Your emoji-tions on the first day of high school!



The new school year is a bag of mixed emoji-tions.Listen to kids talking about their feelings on the first day of high school on the video here.

they use emojis!

They also have some top tips for all of you to start secondary school for the first time.


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17 avril 2017

Tell me about your holiday



You are heading back to school tomorrow after the Easter holidays.

What's been your best bit of the holidays? Have you enjoyed having a break from school or have you missed your classmates and can't wait to see them again?

Have you had good weather where you live and you've been heading to the park? Or have you stayed in and read a brilliant book? Maybe you went somewhere special?

Whatever you've been up to let me know.


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06 décembre 2016

A good reason to learn English

Everybody has one sooner or later watch this lovely ad from Poland

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10 octobre 2016

What is your favorite book?


Do you like reading ?

Would you like to share ideas here?

Have a look at this list if you don't know what to read.

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