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documents 3rd form

Fil des billets - Fil des commentaires

25 mars 2020

The sounds of silence

This song was made after the murder of John F Kennedy. It's about the lack of communication between people.

Listen to it and find the tense for each verb in the lyrics below

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18 mars 2020

Homework 3rd form : CNED

Hello dear students,

You can start working on the CNED files. You've got some test for revisions and interesting files on India.

I'll soon help you with it.

Courage and take care of you

18 novembre 2019

Irregular verbs training

Work on them by goups with this.

Verbes irréguliers - Par groupes-avec liens quizlet.pptx

07 novembre 2019

A chinese portrait



01 octobre 2019

Hit the road Jack


18 septembre 2019

Question words

To continue today's lesson here

05 juin 2019

World Environment Day

environment day.png
environment day.png, juin 2019

The United Nations (UN) named 5 June as international World Environment Day

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13 mai 2019

Job interview


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26 janvier 2019

Anne Frank : a life in hiding

Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on Sunday, learn more about the famous story of the young girl forced to go into hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust. Watch it here

14 janvier 2019

Watch the news

Here on newsround

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