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07 septembre 2012

Keira Knightley speaks about dyslexia on newsround.

Pirates of the Caribbean star, Keira Knightley was diagnosed when she was 6 and she says that: "Dyslexia is like a wall... it's very difficult to see over it."

The actress admits that it is hard work, but says that: "It doesn't mean that you're stupid... it just means that you work in a different way."

  • About one in 10 kids have dyslexia
  • Dyslexia affects part of your brain and can make reading, writing and spelling really difficult.
  • It can be worse for some than others - words can look blurry or jumbled up, or it can be hard to get dates in order.

Other celebrities who, like Keira, haven't let their dyslexia stop them from being successful include: Jamie Oliver, Olympian Steve Redgrave and even the man behind Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney.

So if you suffer  from it courage, it will not stop you from being an important person and if your friend are concerned help them.

12 janvier 2010

12th January 2010 - The way teenagers speak could stop them from getting a job


Teenagers in the UK are being told that the way they speak could stop them from getting a job .

One of the people who helps the government with stuff to do with kids says more teenagers are using text language and slang - rather than formal English. 

These teenagers reckon using slang sometimes doesn't mean they don't know how to speak properly when they have to.....

What's your opinion on that? Sent me your thoughts.