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25 juin 2019

End of another great E-twinning project : board games to learn english better

As I wrote it on 20th September 18 a project on board games has been going on throughtout this school year with my 2 classes of 5th forms.

They have exchanged with partners from Italy, created and played games with them.

Most of them liked it and wish they had worked more on this project.

The families who saw it found it interesting too so I think it was a great idea as all E-twinning projects I've done so far.

Below you can look at a book that was made from some of the games we shared and on Twinspace you can read all the comments that were written.


21 février 2019

Learning with stories


30 janvier 2019

The questions made for the E-twinning correspondants on autumn and winter and their celebrations

Read all the questions below and train to answer them.

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14 janvier 2019

A song to practise the future

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04 novembre 2018

Did you celebrate Halloween like this ?

pumpkin boat.jpg
pumpkin boat.jpg, nov. 2018

watch the video there

11 octobre 2018

Some news on your E-twinning project

 Italian students from Terni started to create their profile and sending some messages
- Posted by Chiara Sabatini, 11.10.2018, 15:24

Go and see if you've got a message

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After the different neighbourhoods let's discover a national park


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27 septembre 2018

48 pupils from Germaine Tillion in the new E-twinning project

You all have your codes to start writing to your correspondants. Come and get them.

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20 septembre 2018

New E-Twinning project for my 5th formers

Board games to learn English better

Students will create board games in English (paper and online) to learn English grammar and vocabulary and to improve their communication skills.

The project is opened and I've started inviting you to join in.

You can connect with the codes I give you on

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04 septembre 2018

I feel good

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