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07 septembre 2020

The pict upon request

For the fourth forms

ibyc pict .jpg
ibyc pict .jpg, sept. 2020


29 avril 2020

Have you been cooking?

While schools have been closed many students have been helping out at home by cooking meals for their families. Have you learned a new recipe or tried cooking something strange recently?

The fourth form will notice the use of the present perfect that we've just studied but the others can look at it too.

Check out this link for English cooking vocabulary, do know what all the words mean?


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18 mars 2020

E-twinning project : from my window

As you must have seen on the ENT we're working with the italians on a new project called "from my window".

Voici un devoir de lecture et d'écriture. Vous trouvez un exemple sur twinspace et au bas de cette page et une fiche d'explication from my window.docx.

​Work well and have fun

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24 septembre 2019



23 juin 2018

The have you ever ...? game

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29 mai 2018


Watch this to get more ideas about it

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Sustainable development week

Let's translate this video

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28 mai 2018


Upon request for you

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13 mai 2018

Upon request : it's a jungle out there

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29 avril 2018

Where I've been and where I'd like to go

Listen to it here

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