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documents 5th form

Fil des billets - Fil des commentaires

29 mai 2018

An englishman in New York

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14 mai 2018

Advice for an american princess in the uk

After listening to the song your correspondants proposed, watch what english kids advise the future bride here.

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10 avril 2018

Your posters on anti-bullying

Team 1

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09 avril 2018

Saw my teacher

28377474_1817436391613970_1651736216758577209_n.jpg, avr. 2018


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07 avril 2018

New york city : top 10 travel attractions

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03 avril 2018

Learn the Shrove Tuesday vocabulary with Quizlet

29 mars 2018

Pancake day

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Olney pancake race

After watching this video what questions can you answer?

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26 février 2018

Get ideas for your posters on bullying.

Don't forget to read what your friends started to do on twinspace and go and find more to write on the posters. I've just tried to add something it's easy I'll show you.

Look carefully can you find my contribution ?

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04 novembre 2017

First songs chosen for our E-twinning project

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