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18 janvier 2017

New earthquakes in Italy today



 Rome schools and metro evacuated as four earthquakes strike shaking buildings in Rome and Florence.

Much of the region is buried under more than a metre of snow, cutting off electricity and rendering roads impassable, complicating transport and emergency response efforts.  

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16 janvier 2017

For your new master chef

Go there and watch the video.





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MLK today



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classes diaries


Friday 20th hwmindr.gif

6th Gaia

classwork : tableau de conj + 20 verbs + about your family

homework savoir présenter sa famille et revoir les verbes

3 Fitz

classwork correction CO,  the blog : MLK4S day + Thomas Pesquet's news + earthquakes in Italy, researches on an actor in the multimedia room

Homework read the text about the survival and do the 2 ex on the 2 past

Thursday 19th

3 Gers

classwork correction CO et ex 2 preterit

homework revoir le voc et les 2 prétérit

6th Gaia

classwork test lesson 2

homework revoir ce qui n'a pas été au test

5th Euclide

classwork multimedia BC + ex past simple et future

homework compléter liste de verbes et s'entraîner à la CO sur résolutions sur audiolingua et préparer fich ho do you like winter

5th Thales

classwork how do you like winter travail sur les réponses courte

homework compléter liste de verbes et s'entraîner à la CO sur résolutions sur audiolingua

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13 janvier 2017

Thomas's first spacewalk !




ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet is ready for his first spacewalk, on Friday 13 January. Together with NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, he will exit the International Space Station at 12:05 GMT (13:05 CET) to work on the batteries.

Thomas practised this spacewalk for months on Earth at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, USA, and has spent the last few weeks in space working intensively to prepare the spacesuits and tools for the sortie.



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09 janvier 2017

classes diaries


Friday 13th

3rd Gers

classwork fin des ex 2 preterit + questions on the placement

homework write the answers

3rd Fitz

classwork  EE the placement

homework revoir les news avec les chiffres et savoir parler du stage pour EO

5th Euclide

classwork  Big  challenge

homework revoir les questions du BC

5th Thales

classwork poème + lecture magazine + speaking in the past about the holidays

homework revoir les questions du BC et écrire 10 phrases sur les vacances



Thursday 12th

3rd Gers

classwork 2 preterit formation et emploi fiche ex

homework revoir et finir les ex

6th Gaia

classwork grammar lesson 3 unit 2 let's imperatif forme + some any much many 's

homework revoir p 41 et 42 wb grammar le BC et les 20 verbes

5th Euclide

Classwork big challenge irregular verb comparatif et superlatif

homework revoir les questions du BC

5th Thales

classwork big challenge + photo de classe

homework revoir les questions du BC

Wednesday 11th January

6th Gaia

classwork  big challenge

homework revoir les questions du BC

5th Euclide

Classwork big challenge

homework revoir les questions du BC



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02 janvier 2017

A wish for this year


and to be better at English watch films in the original language.




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31 décembre 2016

How do people celebrate New year's day and who does it first?


Last new year's day in London


Learn all about it here

and enjoy pictures of it.

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21 décembre 2016


An easy trailer to understand and a film you may want to see.

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14 décembre 2016

Xmas carols

For those who want to sing watch this


or train here here.

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