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15 janvier 2018

2 good films

A little history first when the new British Prime Minister Winston Churchill must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler, or fight


Then a story that takes you to New York and makes you discover what being deaf is like

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10 janvier 2018

Another request an old disco

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News in levels

Read or listen to the news in english according to your level to improve here

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09 janvier 2018


You make me a happy teacher when :

you want to do you test just before the holiday after I propose to do it when you come back (some pupils from 5th Chasles)

you give me more verbs than I asked to learn as get amazing scores (some puîls in 6th and 5th forms)

You propose songs to start the class that are related to the topic we do or the day (some pupils in 6th or 4th forms)

you give me little presents or little notes to show me you like coming to class

you are polite and behave well

you help me with computer problems when you can

you make efforts to participate even if you are not confident

you arrive with a smile on your face saying you've done your work or learnt your lesson

for all this thank you because I know learning is difficult

here is a song for you that expresses what I think of all of you when you do your best

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January calendar



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08 janvier 2018

Upon request to start the new year

The first one is ideal for those who find it  difficult to wake up in the morning

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06 janvier 2018

New year.

Courage to all  to start again.


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05 janvier 2018

Train for the big challenge


For the 6th Demeter go there :

For the 6th Athena ity's here :

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03 janvier 2018

there their or they're

their_there_they_rejpg.jpg, janv. 2018

Here is a way to remember.

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Free e-book library

For those who want tho read in english it's here



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