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20 février 2017

February is Black History Month


It’s changed names and format several times since 1924, but February is the month when schools, cultural institutions and the general public celebrate the African-Americans whose stories have often been left out of official history books.

The celebration of black history is credited to an African-American historian who helped found the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915. It launched the Negro History and Literature Week in 1924, and by the late 1960s the week had turned into a month.

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classes diaries


Monday 20th February

5th Euclide

classwork CE CO a great weekend ed

homework revoir fiche faire ex ed et revoir texte et questions sur les génies pour test

5th Thales

classwork CE CO a great weekend ed

homework revoir fiche faire ex ed et revoir texte et questions sur les génies pour test


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Let's start again ! And remember whenever you've got the choice, be kind !




How are you today ? Look at this poster and answer.




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19 février 2017

Into the wild

To support your homework here is the trailer

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A TV Series of Unfortunate Events

The bestselling teen books about the ill-fated Baudelaire children, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, have been given a second, equally doom-filled life in a new TV series.

Discover more about it here

and watch the trailer

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A giant fell

SN_old_sequoia_home-961x620.jpg, fév. 2017

The iconic Pioneer Cabin Tree, a giant sequoia tree with a tunnel carved through its base, fell on Sunday 8 January during heavy rains. The tree’s home was in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, 100 miles southeast of Sacramento, California.

Lerarn more about it here

The only giant sequoias in national or state parks through which visitors can drive are on their sides. There are three standing “tunnel” coastal redwoods operated by private companies in California. One appeared in a recent Geico ad.

Here is the video

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Would you like to know ... ?

428112_286121528122199_1501429524_n.jpg, fév. 2017


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18 février 2017

A song I hope you can sing : I love my life


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17 février 2017

Thought of the day

success.jpg, fév. 2017


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16 février 2017

Learning ed pronouniation with songs

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