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02 décembre 2020

learning irregular verbs

here :

30 novembre 2020

Happy News: Stories to make you smile

Here ;

26 novembre 2020

Treasure Island

Here is a link to read an adridged version of the book[].pdf

24 novembre 2020

Christmas lights switched on around the world

Take a look at how places around the world are starting to get those Christmas feels.

19 novembre 2020

Anti bylling week and odd socks day

Odd Socks Day is when you wear odd socks to celebrate all our differences, It was on Monday 16 November this year.

The aim is to raise awareness about bullying and help fight against it.


08 novembre 2020

US Election: Joe Biden promises to be a president for all Americans

03 novembre 2020

Five things you NEED to know about the US Election

here :

15 octobre 2020

Plastic free Halloween and a Halloween poster

watch the video here

and if you want do exercices and read the script there


or find a halloween poster here


13 octobre 2020

Songs in the lead of the votes which are good to listen to practise your tenses, your accent and your vocabulary


07 octobre 2020

To start reading Happy Potter

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