Wimpy Kid- EOI

Here are the questions...

Don't forget to write them in your diary on page 6 and be ready to answer to them on Friday!! ;)


1. Le 29 septembre 2010, 15:28 par Loris Vincenti

Hey ! How is the start oh this new school year ? :-D

2. Le 01 octobre 2010, 20:54 par Mrs Gy

Hey! Hello Loris ;)
As you can see, the new "Euro 4" are working on a book...We didn't do that when it was your turn... You'll have to come back.;)
What about you? And your new school...,how is it?

3. Le 06 octobre 2010, 14:10 par Loris Vincenti

My high school is amazing ! It has just been restored, because it has been classified as an historic monument, so the area looks like a royal dependence. Besides, the teachers are quite demanding but very inetresting. There is a lot of original teachings, for example, I'm part of a biology lesson in spanish ! My classmates are also very cool, I just have to get uesd to the new lessons cadence but I think I gonna make it ;-)

4. Le 07 octobre 2010, 15:08 par Mrs Gy

Biology lesson in Spanish?! Waouh...!!
Don't worry Loris...You can do it...Yes, you can!!! ;)

5. Le 08 octobre 2010, 19:26 par Loris Vincenti

Yeah ! Currently, we learning about cell ! :-o
Anyway, I let the Euro 4 pupils work !
Good luck Mrs Gy for the future !