22 octobre 2012

Film extracts : The Queen

We watched some extracts today :

Send some tweets about the movie.

08 octobre 2012

Glogsters on the Queen

Here are some Glogster presentations made by the Euro 4 pupils to speak about Queen Elizabeth II.

Simon's work :


Adrien's work :


06 octobre 2012

EOC The Queen and I

The Euro 4 pupils had to record themselves on a Balibom MP3 player on this subject : The Queen and I. 

You will find 3 examples of what they recorded. 

22 septembre 2012

Olympic Games Opening ceremony : The Queen/OO7

Here is the link to the video we watched in class : 


21 septembre 2012

Wallwisher The Queen

Here is the link to the Wallwisher : 


The Queen

Useful links : 

  • Wikipedia : 
  • The official website of the British Monarchy :