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22 octobre 2012

Film extracts : The Queen

We watched some extracts today :

Send some tweets about the movie.

18 octobre 2012

My stamp for the Olympics!

My stamp for the Olympics!

08 octobre 2012

Glogsters on the Queen

Here are some Glogster presentations made by the Euro 4 pupils to speak about Queen Elizabeth II.

Simon's work :


Adrien's work :


06 octobre 2012

EOC The Queen and I

The Euro 4 pupils had to record themselves on a Balibom MP3 player on this subject : The Queen and I. 

You will find 3 examples of what they recorded. 

22 septembre 2012

Olympic Games Opening ceremony : The Queen/OO7

Here is the link to the video we watched in class : 


21 septembre 2012

Wallwisher The Queen

Here is the link to the Wallwisher : 


The Queen

Useful links : 

  • Wikipedia : 
  • The official website of the British Monarchy :

God save the Queen by the Sex Pistols!

The National Anthem by the Sex Pistols! 

National Anthem : God save the Queen

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