06 mai 2011

Celebrations: Saint George's Day

Here is Antoine and Constant's presentation about Saint George's Day! 

Next week, we'll listen to the last presentation of the year: Europe day!

02 mai 2011

Celebration: Easter

Here is Aude and Audrey's presentation about Easter!

Next week, we'll talk about St George's Day!

01 avril 2011

Celebration : April Fools' Day!

Here is Elise and Marine's celebration about April Fools' Day !

Thank you girls!

18 mars 2011

Celebrations: Red Nose day!

Et voila comme promis nos photos de Red Nose day que je vais envoyer aux correspondants :) 

Marine et Guillaume...votre emplacement vous attend!! ;)

Je vous met la photo en annexe pour que vous puissiez agrandir...

Bravo à tous d'avoir joué le jeu!!

Celebrations: Red Nose Day

Thanks Manon and Léa for your presentation about Red Nose Day today! 

You'll find the presentation as attached file.

Today is...Red Nose Day!!!

What is it? It's a special day in England which corresponds more or less to our French "Telethon". The objective is to raise money for charity. Many schools across the country have non uniform days. You should wear a plastic red nose in exchange for a donation.

Visit the official website:


And if don't know the famous Mr Bean video about Comic relief...watch it here:

17 mars 2011

St Patrick's Day: interactive game!

Happy St Patrick's day !!! Did you remember to wear green today? You will be pinched otherwise...be careful!! 

Here is an interactive game : 


How to play? 

1/ Read the rules!

2/ Switch the music on! :)

3/ Throw the dice!

4/ Write your answers on a paper. Don't cheat!!! 

5/ Then, you can check your answers. 

So?? Are you a good leprechaun? ;) 

14 mars 2011

Celebrations: St Patrick's Day

Here is Guillaume and Kevin's presentation about St Patrick's day

Congratulations for this nice presentation! :)

As attached file, you will find their PDF presentation.

And don't forget, you'll have to wear green clothes on Thursday...otherwise, you will be pinched!! ;)

11 mars 2011

Celebrations: Shrove Tuesday

This is Florian and Florence's presentation about Shrove Tuesday

Humm...yummy! ;)

13 février 2011

Have fun : Valentine's Day !

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day... Have fun! ;) 

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