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05 novembre 2014

Project : Show and tell

Today, I explained what is Show and tell. This is going to be our project from December to March. 

You can check the calendar (attached file). 

A video about show and tell : 

Show and Tell according to Bart's Simpson : 

06 février 2013

Lucas' show and tell!

Lucas' musical show and tell this morning... 

22 janvier 2013

Marius' show and tell today!

Marius had a surprise for us this morning with his show and tell... 

22 octobre 2012

Marion B's show and tell

08 octobre 2012

Laurie's show and tell

Follow our show and tell project on Twitter : @LeRacinayEuro4

30 septembre 2012

Show and tell

Nous avons lancé aujourd'hui le début d'un nouveau projet "Show and Tell".

Je vous en rappelle les règles principales ci-dessous:

  • Task: Bring an object you really like or which means a lot to you and be ready to explain whay you chose that particular item, where you got it and any relevant information.
  • How:  Step 1: Hide your object in your backpack, give the class 3 clues about it and pupils will try to find what it is. 
             Step 2: Show your object and tell about it (2 min).
                   Step 3: Be ready to answer your friends' questions.
  • Organization:  One pupil every lesson - About 5 min - This work will be marked and you will be filmed!
En annexe, vous trouverez le planning avec votre date de passage.
Nous publierons vos prestations sur le compte Twitter de la section européenne : @LeRacinayEuro4 

Have fun! ;) 

Mrs Gy

Show and Tell : Calvin and Hobbes

31 mai 2012

Emeline's show and tell

Here is Emeline's show and tell! 

It was the last show and tell of the year!! See you next year for new show and tell ;)

23 mai 2012

Stephen's show and tell

Stephen's show and tell about...his Ipod Touch!

09 mai 2012

Maelle's show and tell

Here is Maelle's show and tell about her rock climbing cup!

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