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22 octobre 2011

Tomorrow is a big day...

Watch this... and don't forget the match tomorrow morning!! ;) 

07 octobre 2011

Projects on line...

Your "New Zealand projects" are on line on the shool website...

Good work!

30 septembre 2011

New Zealand landscapes

Today, we listened to a a description of New Zealand's landscapes and you were quite good! 

Here is a video to see what NZ looks like... 

23 septembre 2011

The Euro 4 performed the Haka!

Today, the Euro 4 came all dressed in black to school because they had to perform the Haka, the famous Maori dance!

It was quite difficult to remember the lyrics in Maori and the dance at the same time... wasn't it? ;)

Congratulations to you all!

17 septembre 2011

Special guest: Céline!

Yesterday, you were really lucky because we had a special guest : Céline who lived in New Zealand for 6 years!

I hope you enjoyed her presentation and her accent ;)

16 septembre 2011

Rugby rules!

By the way, what are the rules of this sport we talk about: rugby? 
Our two experts, Bréanne and Gaspard are going to tell you... 

14 septembre 2011

The haka translated in English...

Watch the video and discover what the Haka is all about...