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26 février 2017

Pygmalion cast - group A

Cast List - Group A: Hannah

Scene 1: In Covent Garden

Mrs Eynsford-Hill            Miral

Clara                              Emmie                

Freddy                            Atlan                    

Eliza                               Emmanuelle  (beginning) + Mathilde (end)    

Pickering                         Raphaël              

Higgins                            Gabriel (beginning) + Baptiste (end)

Taxi Driver                         Basile                   


Scene 2: in Higgins’s lab

Higgins                                 Marie                                 

Pickering                             Alix E.                  

Mrs Pearce                        Jeanne  H.         

Eliza                                      Maureen           


Scene 3: Higgins’s lab

Higgins                                Sam                          

Pickering                              Basile                     

Doolitle                                 Rémi                                          

Mrs Pearce                           Paula                        

Eliza                                     Marie                     


Scene 4:  Higgins’s lab

Higgins                Justine

Pickering             Alice  

Eliza                    Jeanne H


+ Final scene: 

Is Eliza marrying Freddy, Higgins or none of them?

17 juin 2016

EDE anglais Music for the play

Music for the Duke and Duchess

courtesy of Alexia!

Music for the fairies

Courtesy of Anaëlle and Aline!

Music for the end

courtesy of Anaëlle and Aline!



06 juin 2016

EDE anglais Workshop A9 and Show 31/05/2016

Tuesday 31 of May, 

It was our show of A Midsummer night's dream at 6p.m with all of our parents ! 

We rehearsed from 2p.m to 6p.m, with Joe & Hanna and both groups for the first time. It was an oppotunity to see the work that  group B had done, and similary for them. 

The rehearsal began with many difficulties, because we didn't have much time, moreover we were all stressed ! Hopefully, after some practice, everything was all right around for the show. 

About 5p.m Mrs Goussot & Hue had the kidness to prepare  snacks for us :P After that we were ready to play in front of our parents... 

The first parents arrived around 5.30p.m and the stress went up... 

The play began at 6p.m and everything was fine, and it was very fun for us to do this !

At the end, we gave gifts to Hanna & Joe, as well to Emily and our English Teachers for all their help and their patience during this year.

We want to thank again Joe & Hanna for the theater, our teachers for this too but also for the english lessons, as well as Emily for her help in writing this blog !


Mathilde C & Pauline H


03 juin 2016

EDE anglais The show!!!

2nde_2_Show.jpg, juin 2016


29 mai 2016

EDE anglais Workshop B9 24/05/2016


Last week,  group B went to the conference room, because we had to improve ourselvesand make sure that we were ready for the play.

First of all, we tried the flower crowns made by Marine L and some other stuff that Marine H and the teachers  bought.

Then we started to rehearse our scenes. Hanna changed a few lines. So Titania, Oberon and the Fairies have to learn their new script. We also made some changes and we saw what directions to take or not to take after and before our scenes.

That was pretty witty, we laughed and we got to see what was great and what wasn't.

Our teacher took so many pictures of us, and she finally got to see us performing because usually she is with  group A.

All in all, I think that session was interesting for everyone and kind of different from what we used to do. It was pretty great.





25 mai 2016

EDE anglais Workshop A8 17/05/2016







Lire la suite...

EDE anglais Workshop A7 03/05/2016

On May 3rd  we did excercises for the voice. Then we rehearsed the whole play, scene by scene, to be ready for May 31st.

It's been hard for us because we have to surpass ourselves (don't be shy, learn by heart, speak up...).

Also someone will have to wear donkey ears. You'll see in the performance.

It's a good experience to live once and also you practise your language to be better.

Slowly playing is becoming easy and cool thanks to Joe who coaches us.

Roger A. & Louis G

11 mai 2016

EDE anglais The cast!!!!!


[object Object]
character_list1.png, mai 2016
character_list2.png, mai 2016
character_list3.png, mai 2016









EDE anglais costumes : Flower wreaths for the fairies

creation: Marine Legac



12 avril 2016

Ede anglais Workshop B7 12/04/2016

Hello everyone!

In the last lesson, Joe replaced our teacher Hanna. He  has a different way of working, we did other exercises and he taught us some methods to interpret our roles. As he sees the character differently from Hanna he showed us  things to play, now we have a lot of possible interpretations for just one character. With his exercises, we talked a lot, we laughed and I think that EDE improved our relationships with other students.

Rania Takib

Lorène Yvenat

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