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29 mai 2016

EDE anglais Workshop B9 24/05/2016


Last week,  group B went to the conference room, because we had to improve ourselvesand make sure that we were ready for the play.

First of all, we tried the flower crowns made by Marine L and some other stuff that Marine H and the teachers  bought.

Then we started to rehearse our scenes. Hanna changed a few lines. So Titania, Oberon and the Fairies have to learn their new script. We also made some changes and we saw what directions to take or not to take after and before our scenes.

That was pretty witty, we laughed and we got to see what was great and what wasn't.

Our teacher took so many pictures of us, and she finally got to see us performing because usually she is with  group A.

All in all, I think that session was interesting for everyone and kind of different from what we used to do. It was pretty great.





25 mai 2016

EDE anglais Workshop A8 17/05/2016







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EDE anglais Workshop A7 03/05/2016

On May 3rd  we did excercises for the voice. Then we rehearsed the whole play, scene by scene, to be ready for May 31st.

It's been hard for us because we have to surpass ourselves (don't be shy, learn by heart, speak up...).

Also someone will have to wear donkey ears. You'll see in the performance.

It's a good experience to live once and also you practise your language to be better.

Slowly playing is becoming easy and cool thanks to Joe who coaches us.

Roger A. & Louis G

11 mai 2016

EDE anglais The cast!!!!!


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character_list1.png, mai 2016
character_list2.png, mai 2016
character_list3.png, mai 2016









EDE anglais costumes : Flower wreaths for the fairies

creation: Marine Legac



12 avril 2016

Ede anglais Workshop B7 12/04/2016

Hello everyone!

In the last lesson, Joe replaced our teacher Hanna. He  has a different way of working, we did other exercises and he taught us some methods to interpret our roles. As he sees the character differently from Hanna he showed us  things to play, now we have a lot of possible interpretations for just one character. With his exercises, we talked a lot, we laughed and I think that EDE improved our relationships with other students.

Rania Takib

Lorène Yvenat

11 avril 2016

EDE anglais Workshop A6 05/04/2016

First we did Act 4 scene 1 : Josephine, Lucas A, Marine, Mathilde, Roger and Anaëlle played.  Joe gave some advice to Lucas and Josephine to improve the scene (speak louder, the position, gesturing, emotion, action…). Lucas tried to play a donkey but it was difficult for him. Mathilde and Marine worked on their entrance, Marine did somersault and Mathilde turned around. We practised this scene for 1 hour.

During the second hour we did some games: we walked with eyes closed to help Lucas K, Ninon, Alexia and Tim for their characters because they will have to do that in the play for scene 2.

It was interesting to see the improvement between the last session and this session because the actors played better (they got in the mind of the character).  However, some students didn’t play and it was too long for them.

Marine H and Marie.

29 mars 2016

EDE anglais Workshop B6 29/03/2016

Last Tuesday, we worked on the direction of some scenes. Hanna told us how to walk, talk and act. She gave us some advice on the pronunciation of certain words because a few of them are difficult to say, because it is Shakespeare's language,  and it is complex.

Then we briefly mentioned the costumes that we will be wearing during the performance. Indeed, as we are two different groups working on the same play, some of us have the same role. That is why we need to find a costume which will make the link between the role of the two different actors, so the spectators will not be lost with the characters.

For example, the character of Hermia is played by two girls : Justine and Rania. So they need to wear a dress  the same color or to hold the same prop.

Also, last Friday we went to Paris to see a play called “The Hound of Baskervilles” which is a detective story about Sherlock Holmes’ investigation. It was interesting to see how they managed to transform an old book into a modern play with humor and suspense at the same time. There were only four actors but seven characters which was a nice example for us about playing different roles. 


Astrid & Olaïdé



21 mars 2016


photo_sisters_3.jpg, avr. 2016

Astrid and Pauline with the EITC actors

 Here is an interview of the 2 girls in our class who had a role in the play “Sisters” by EITC. The show was performed at school on Tuesday February 8th. 


Amel & Aline: "So you two was played in the play “Sisters”, so what did you think of this experience?"

Pauline:  "I think it was a very good experience in theatre, and a good practice for our play" (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

Astrid: "It was very interesting to play with professional actors.  They have shown us their way of working and acting so maybe we can use what we have learnt from them for our own play."

Amel & Aline: "Yes, that’s very interesting. So that means that you enjoyed it?

Pauline: "Oh yes it was very funny and I’ve laughed a lot with my friend Astrid!"

Astrid: "I did! I had so much fun playing with Pauline and with the other students! I hope I will do it again!"

Amel & Aline: "Amazing!  But was it stressful?"

Pauline: "A little bit, because we hadn’t much time to rehearse before and there were a lot of people we knew in the audience!"

Astrid: "It is stressful to play in front of people you know … but as I wasn’t alone on the stage, I wasn’t scared when it was my turn to play.

Amel & Aline: "Okay, and what was the best memory of this experience for you?"

Pauline: "I think it’s when we introduced ourselves to  actors and other students."

Astrid: "I think my favourite moment was when we went “banana” during the warm up, it was so ridiculous but really funny."

Amel & Aline :"Great! That’s all for us.Thank you, for your interview!"

Pauline & Asrid: "You’re welcome, take care!"

EDE anglais Workshop B5 15/03/2016

In the last workshop we rehearsed our parts of the play, Hanna helped us with the pronunciation,  the movements and the actions.

We were all really serious and liked it, so we did some choreography  in order for  the play to be more funny and interesting.

At the beginning of the lesson we did some training.  We had to act with the music. For example, if  Hanna put romantic music we had to walk like  romantic people. It was so funny !!!

After we did our parts and listened to the people who said their part, if we wanted we could give some advice on the action.

Aurore Pelletrat

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