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EDE anglais Workshop A9 and Show 31/05/2016

Tuesday 31 of May, 

It was our show of A Midsummer night's dream at 6p.m with all of our parents ! 

We rehearsed from 2p.m to 6p.m, with Joe & Hanna and both groups for the first time. It was an oppotunity to see the work that  group B had done, and similary for them. 

The rehearsal began with many difficulties, because we didn't have much time, moreover we were all stressed ! Hopefully, after some practice, everything was all right around for the show. 

About 5p.m Mrs Goussot & Hue had the kidness to prepare  snacks for us :P After that we were ready to play in front of our parents... 

The first parents arrived around 5.30p.m and the stress went up... 

The play began at 6p.m and everything was fine, and it was very fun for us to do this !

At the end, we gave gifts to Hanna & Joe, as well to Emily and our English Teachers for all their help and their patience during this year.

We want to thank again Joe & Hanna for the theater, our teachers for this too but also for the english lessons, as well as Emily for her help in writing this blog !


Mathilde C & Pauline H