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Romeo and Juliet: Impressions during the rehearsals and the show- Seconde 10

Les impressions des élèves de Seconde 10 section européenne avant et pendant leur représentation de Romeo and Juliet.

Mme Hue et Mme Goussot


2nde 10.png
2nde 10 juin 2019


Camille.B: “Drama allowed us to play in front of lot of people. It was a great moment, which enriched our culture and language. It was a pleasure to work with professional actors who helped us to understand the text. We spent a great moment playing this show.”


Anais: “I think drama classes were a great experience and allowed us to speak in front of a public so we could for practise the oral of the Bac. It was also fun and productive. The work with Joe and Anna was great and because they speak just English we improved your English pronunciation.  The day of the show was cool and it was a nice moment.”


Axel:  “My first impressions as we started the drama workshops: At first, I was stressed about the idea to perform in front of all the parents at the end of the year. For my first drama lesson I felt excited. At the beginning, we did drama exercises to practise and after we started to learn our lines. However, as times went it was less and less difficult to learn by heart. We had a good laugh this year, this was a really good experience and I will remember it my all life.”

William Ba.:  “At the beginning, I was shy because I don’t like to speak in public. I was afraid of forgetting my text. I get so stressed  when we started to rehearsed for the play, but it was good because I didn’t get a lot of text. As the workshops went on, I was less and less stressed.

In the end the play was very good and I enjoyed it.


Constance:  “I was skeptical about the idea of having theatre in English. Hanna made us get out of our comfort zone. I don’t like that. During workshops I were embarrassed and I had difficulties being myself. I felt good in some scenes like the first and the last where I played and stressed in the second (the chorus in scene 3). I chose Juliet because I think she is sensitive like me. I think I have improved my accent and my pronunciation and maybe controlled my stress.”


Alina: “This experience allowed  us to improve our English comprehension.  Anna and Joe helped us to embody our different characters.  This show enabled us to express ourselves and to put together the work we did.”


Carla:  “I felt good for the different scenes but I was very stressed before playing. I chose Lord Capulet  because this character imposes the respect, and I liked playing Lord Capulet because he is  a secondary characters and a cool character. The drama classes made me improve my English oral and feel comfortable speaking English.”


Elya:  “First I felt really nervous because I was talking alone in front of everyone and this is something that doesn’t happen a lot. My legs were shaking and my voice too.  But it was really interesting to live this experience; it was actually a way to be less shy.  Playing the balcony scene was something I was scared about because I didn’t want to ruin it. I mean it’s one of the most famous Shakespeare’s scene, and Juliet is my opposite. But I guess I’m proud of what I did!”


Paul: “Personally, I felt stressed too, I even stuttered once. I hesitated to do the end of my scene and being in front of so many parents and persons was a bit oppressive. But, it felt good when I ended my scene, all the pressure I accumulated during those months since the start of school was gone. It may have helped me to be a bit less shy in theatre or in my everyday life.  Anyway, I’m proud of my performance.”

Noémie: “I have never actually felt nervous during all the rehearsals or even on D-Day because I love theatre and going on stage in front of an assembly to play is one of the things I love the most. Even though I thought we would never make it, or succeed in doing something great because assembling the two groups at the last minute was kind of suicidal. I guess we made it!

Matthis: “My first impressions as we started the drama workshop is that it was a good thing to relax because we had sport before, and itwas a good thing to create some friendly relations quickly with the class. My feelings during the workshops with Hanna was not so bad. Hanna is very energetic.

Justine M: “Hello everybody! After the spectacular show of the 2nd10 European Section, you will discover everything about backstage… In fact, you will learn how we made a big project like our play, adapted from William Shakespeare; how we achieved  it; what  our relationships were …

Firstly, we can speak about the atmosphere. We could see that the students were hard-working, as it should be, and very friendly. This wasn’t a lesson, like a history class or a mathematics class. Everybody could laugh and we were free to help the other students in drama or in English or help others learn their lines. I think this subject helped us become autonomous.

So, the backstage can show us a very good atmosphere between the different actors and teachers!

How were the lessons shared? This is simple! The class was separated into two groups: Group A and Group B. Each group was supervised by an English actor/actress: it depended in which group you were. In Group A, it was an actress and, in Group B, an actor. It was easier to separate the class because the speakers could work with a small part of the class and could help the students more often.

Therefore, it was a good method to work and learn some things about drama!

It was complicated and very long to prepare everything to the show of the 21st of May… We must think about the costumes (which were difficult to find) and choose the correct colours because there were many Juliets, Romeos,…). Moreover, we must change some gestures to improve our acting.

So, to create a big project like our drama, we must be brave and confident about what we showed our audience.

In my opinion, this project was extraordinary but difficult to achieve because it was very stressful and we needed to work a lot and rehearse almost every day.

So I told you about the project and the backstage. I hope you liked learning more about this subject and maybe you would like to create your own drama show now…”

Nathan: “First, during the workshop, Joe taught us to speak loud and clear using games to make it more funny. Then, he gave us the atrocious text to learn. For us it was the most difficult part of the activity (except playing the play on D-day of course).

One of the weirdest activities was the last rehearsal before the “official” play. Let me explain why I am saying that: it was really stressful because we knew that the real play would start 2 hours later but we enjoyed it, we needed to relax a bit so we played during the rehearsal and we laughed a lot.

For us, the play was extremely fast whereas the rehearsals were super slow.”


 Léon: “During this year I learnt a lot about drama with Joe. This experience was rewarding for all. First, we learnt to speak in front of a lot of people. Speaking loud, precisely and acting like real actors.  About drama, we learnt that even a little play is very long to prepare. We learnt to manage stress in front of our parents. Even if we didn’t understand our texts because the play was written in Elizabethan English, it wasn’t a problem because we had analysed the play Romeo and Juliet before.

This experience was really great for all, even if not a lot of people like drama.”


Justine H.:  “My first impression about the theatre is good but a little difficult; at times, it was interesting to practise English.

Joe and Hanna pretended not to speak, but it was a bad joke: they have been speaking French for 15 years!

I felt some good sensations like being proud of my work.

They taught me to pronounce English words.



Alice and Camille R. : We were very stressed before the show but less during the performance. Moreover, the waiting was long between the scenes. We had mixed feelings because our parents and some of our teachers were present.

We preferred the prologue with the Group A because they were very good actors and the music was very good. Also, the final scene with the singer Nesryne!