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My role model


Hi, I'm Amberly, an LLCE student. And I am going to present my role model: my uncle. I let you discover his story through an interview. Have a good reading!


First of all, can you tell me about your childhood? For example, where were you born ? What kind of kid were you ? What were your hobbies at that time? Etc ../


I was born on May 28th, 1971 in Paris.Then I moved to Créteil. There I lived a very happy life with my two sisters and my mom. I went to school and played football until the 8th grade. 


Did you have any difficulties in school or were you comfortable with your studies ?

In the 8th grade, school started to get boring for me. I wasn’t really focused on classes and I wanted to give up school, but my mom always encouraged me to work and keep making efforts ! 


 What studies have you done? 

I obtained a professional certification : CAP in heating, then another professional diploma BEP in plumbing.


What did you do after your studies ? Did you get a job immediately? 

No, I did my military service for 11 months when I was 20 years old. Then I did some small jobs like mover, delivery driver… because I was no longer interested in plumbing. But then I decided to stop doing that and I finally became a plumber-heater. And many years of work later, I was promoted to site manager in a big company.


Are you still doing this job now ?

No. A few years ago I moved to Florida, USA, and became entrepreneur in the construction sector. 


What does your job involve?

I have set up a business where I buy houses and renovate them to give them a new life. 


What is your current goal?

 I want to continue and progress in my work and live a peaceful and happy life with my family.


Thank you very much for your answers! Your experience is very inspiring.