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30 mars 2022


Bergen alias Belgin Sarılmışer is a young Turkish singer. Her story started in Mersin (Turkey) the 16th of July 1960. This woman is recognised by her nickname « woman of pain » for everything she lived in her life.
She lived with her mother and now her talent is  fastly recognised by a very famous singing school and she gets  Art  degrees but one day  during a party in a big casino, she's invited to sing on the stage, but she’s not aware of her success . One week later the boss of the casino hires Belgin to sing on stage every night.  That's why she has chosen Bergen as an artistic name. This is the start of a success story: she makes a tour in Turkey but at the end of the tour she unfortunately meets a crook  and she falls In love with him.  THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE NIGHTMARE... To be continued...