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Fil des billets

30 mars 2022


In Afghanistan there is a war, so Afghan immigrants escape to other countries like England, Germany, France,Sweden,Turkey and so on…
Some Afghan people leave their family to survive in a country where they can have good conditions of living. When they arrive in a good country they have to wait for being accepted  and to have a citizenship. So they will not see their families for a long time .
I think it is so sad because today nobody talks about Afghanistan, I don’t see anyone talking about Afghans in the social media or any media.
Right now in Afghanistan there is not just a war there are so many poor people who have nothing to eat.
 Children in Afghanistan at the age of 5 or 6 start to work for their families, they work very hard like to sell ice creams on the road under 104° F (40°C).


Nowadays, women  are still fighting for their rights in many societies around the world…
Personally I have always felt some inequalities between men and women. I can take the example of my mother: she comes back home from work very tired but she is still earning less than her male colleagues.  In reality her salary is low because she's a woman… This situation is unfair!
Women fight every day, some make demonstrations ,TV documentaries and movies to denounce this injustice…
I wish the new generation will get better. I recommend the serie entitled The ladies on the  telephone.

22 mars 2022


Gender inequalities are all social and legal differences that disadvantage one sex over another. These differences in treatment and rights are mostly against women in many areas. These inequalities are observed in different countries of the world, in the media, in  arts, in economy, in education and wages but also in sexuality justice and marriage.

The most common inequalities in France are those at work: men earn 28.5% more than women at the same job and for the same role and the same degrees. 

Before women were not even allowed to work. Some inequalities are less present than before but the situation is still unfair.

According to some French politicians,  women are paid less because they will take maternity leave. This argument is unbearable especially for women who do not want children so their "explanations" are not good at all, it’s a full injustice.

16 mars 2022


Dream: What courses do you take?
Alyssa: I take economics as my course selection, last year i took biomedical science
and next year i'm doing engineering
Dream: Are any of those classes mostly guys?
Alyssa: Yes, well, it depends on what you take..more girls are in like the medicine
pathway but there’s far more guys in business and engineering / computer science
from what I’ve seen
Dream: And how do you feel in those classes where there's far more guys in?
Alyssa: It depends what class it is, because  an honors or AP class will have much
more mature guys that you feel comfortable working with. Academy boys at my school
genuinely make me uncomfortable with the stuff they say and how they act Inside and
outside of a classroom
Dream: Has any of the guys harassed you?
Alyssa: I’ve had a guy grab my arm and like stroke it. I’ve had guys make fun of me
after giving an argument in a class (when the argument was assigned). The argument
was about women being harassed, which him doing that luckily proved my point.
Dream: Did anyone ever question your course choices because "it's not for women"?

Alyssa: I’ve only had my dad tell me I need to practice cooking and cleaning, No ones
never told me to not peruse something because i'm a women, it was like encouraged in
my family to do something that’s a “mans job”
Dream: Why did you choose those courses?
Alyssa: .I wanted to be a pediatrician originally so choose Biomed. I wanted another AP
class and wanted to challenge myself. I want to do Aerospace engineering


 last time it was the women’s right day, we visited many stands. Thanks to them we
learned many information like the woman who created the wifi, Jonh O’Sullivan. The
women are often victim of persecutions in the world and the women’s right day reminds
 the world that women have rights.
At the end of the day we did a quiz about the women in history and I discovered the
testimonies of  some girls in the high school. I realized that to be a woman is difficult.

15 mars 2022


As you know , the 8th march is an important day for women.The day when women celebrate their
rights,when they got freedom for many things but some things are still the same in
the world .
Last week ,thanks to an event organized  and I got to know so many things like
the  « SCALE OF VIOLENCE ». It is a good indicator to define the
relationships and it measures the level of violence and toxicity in a couple. Thanks to it I can know if my
partner is manipulating me ,not respecting my opinions or being violent with me. It can help everyone stop a toxic relationship.
Thanks to a quiz , I discovered that there were such legendary women who fought
and became  important figures like the first female prime minister: Edith Cresson or realisator of
movie directors ... I felt so proud to realize as a woman I can achieve so many things..
Next , I look forward to many testimonies of classmates in this event that shocked me
because I never expected it .A woman is targeting another about her clothes , she told her that a woman unveiled deserves to be raped. There was also the testimony of a little girl who was abused by her own uncle . It is so coward to demean or judge a woman for her way of  her thinking , dressing or if she is going ahead in her professionalcareer.
Some, individuals always remind women that she is a girl and she doesn't have to go beyond the limits to be in her limits. Some people consider man as superior to women so they can do whatever they like. This situation is unbearable and unfair, it has to stop definitely.
Personally it makes me sad, at least today we have to celebrate gender equality.
In my opinion such event is useful at school so that boys can learn about girl power and need to
know that we are not objects and we deserve respect.

Gender equality is not defined by words but by some actions. It can be a source of a
new mind in this world , no doubt there are also men who are discriminated but women
are more victims and they all have to understand the feelings women bear everyday . To men put yourself in our shoes...


Last week the 8th of  March was  the women’s Rights Day that consists in  sharing many information about the
daily routine of women thanks to testimonies written anonymously, posters in the corridor of our high school
and the quiz at the end of the exhibition. We also discovered a device like a scale of
violence and the stats of women in sport, some jobs and politics. Moreover, we can
give our opinions during thatday. For example, in the quiz, I  learnt that
only one woman has been awarded as the Best Director Oscar since 2010. I think such event is
useful at school because the only means to understand the issue is to include it in
education, to show the daily problems of women and the youngest in particular. Maybe thanks to
this event in the high school  the problems will be over.


As we know  last week it was the international women’s day.
For better understanding this day  last Tuesday I asked many questions about this important date. In a moment of the day one of the girls who answered my questions showed me
a paper ruler « scale of violence » so she explained the importance
of this object: it’s a paper where we can measure the level of violent and toxic relationships.  I
find this device very helpful and useful for women.
The international women’s day is a day where many women focus on freedom, gender
equality and  respect.
Acording to me the part that made me shocked was the testimonies  of the
girls who suffered a street harassement and there are one that made me sad because
the victim was just 13 years old and her assaulter was her own
In my opinion such event is useful to organize at school because it can help us to
understand  women and maybe stop many potential assaulters or inform girls and women about potential dangers . To conclude women deserve a better life.


Last week, it was the women’s rights day and I discovered many information about
women’s rights. For example, do you know that there is a scale violence to measure the level of physical and psychological violence which starts from 1 to 24. There are also testimonies about girls who have already been visctim of terrible experiences.

I was really shocked when I discovered these testimonies because these experiences suffered by
some young girls are terrible, not human. And I think that such event is useful at
school because we must sensitize young people about Human rights icluding women's rights.


The 8th of  March there was an event organised at school:  the international women's day, a day of
peace and respect about the women's rights. during this event, I learnt a lot of facts
about this issue (the harassement of women and t rape..) For example, who can say
the street harassement suffered by the women is of 25% or the stats of the women
who have already been harrassed is of 95%. I also read the testimonies of
girls, my classmates, who have been sexually harrassed or abused and it was very frightening. Finally, the
statistic that can shock people  most is the rate of women who have received some
form of sexual harassment, which is of 86%.

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