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22 mars 2022

Detroit Become Human: a light on society's issues in form of a videogame BY DREAM 2NDE 8

Detroit Become Human is a adventure video game releases in 2018, developed by Quantic Dreams and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is located in Michigan, in the state of Detroit in the United States of America, set in year 2038.
In 2038 the world is modernised, with Detroit becoming a state of technological progress as being the capital of android production, where the game is happening. The 3 mains characters in the game are androids called Connor, RK800 who is a police android, Markus, RK200 who is a caretaker android and Kara, AX400 who is a house help android.
The story is divided in 3 following the 3 androids in form of chapters, switching between them in each chapter. Being a multiple choice story centered game, the endings can alternate depending on the choices you make in-game, letting you experience the story in different ways and lead to different endings. The stories connect at some point or another, earlier or later depending on how what you choose to do.
The game treats different issues during the story, each character treats different topics in their chapters, which all happen in society these days and need to be talked about; 
- Connor's story; Connor in his story shows the everyday work of police investigators and the dark side of the job; 
As you play you need to be careful with your every move, you have to pay attention to all the small details to save a life and complete the mission. You need to make choices which could change the course of events in seconds. 
It shows how people working in police forces need to face intense pressure and stress, have to make choices and sacrifices, which can lead to different mental health issues such as work anxiety, PTSD, and such.
Connor has a partner in his story, Hank, who has his issues and represents the struggle of dealing with alcoholism, depression and suicidal tendencies in the modern society as a middle aged person who doesn't have anything left. 
His story revolves around identity as well as he tries to find who he is after being programmed into hunting his own kind, being torn between being just a machine and being human. In a society where he is seen as just a machine to complete tasks, it's very difficult to find humanity within himself.
- Markus story; Markus story is an adventure into taking the freedom, a fight for justice.
The story strongly references protests against racism and fights for civil rights as androids often face behaviour similar to racism as they are way different from humans, they were made to work for them and are often accused of stealing jobs.
His chapters often revolve around taking the right paths to voice their minds correctly, whether if they should use violence or be peaceful. Markus is the leader of the revolution and holds the future of the androids in his hands, sacrificing himself to lead his people and to bring them freedom from the slavery, abuse and racism they face everyday. 
It shows how one has to fight for the right of expressing themselves freely without being afraid and without being abused for doing so.
He shows how no matter who you are you are a free being who cannot be controled by anyone else. 
- Kara's story: Kara has a story that treats issues that may be familiar for many players, as she shows what a single mother has to go trough. Her story involves addictions such as drugs and alcohol and how dangerous they can be, how they ruin families and how they can change a person.
As Kara had to travel mostly alone with a small child, it was shown how a woman has to be afraid of her every move when she is by herself, especially with a child that she has to protect, as in the society they have to assume that every man wants to hurt them to stay safe and not fall into a trap.
On a positive note, her story also show how family bonds can be strong, even if it's a found family and not blood related, as long as you're together you can get trough every inconvenience.
In my opinion, the game is a great way to show what is going on in the world in an enjoyable way while integrating a lot of story into it to make everything feel more real and get the player more into the game while making them understand various topics. 
The game is very pleasant to play and the different possible endings can give different outcomes of the same problem as well as variations of the problem that is treated.  :


 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is systems or machines that reproduce the human intelligence to
perform tasks that are sometimes difficult for humans.  
This human creation is mostly a process of imitating human intelligence which mostly
relies on the creation and application of one or many programs to run in a computer
environment that is 'alive'.  
Its real purpose is to allow computers to think and act like human beings.
 We can take the example of the AI robot Sophia which is a robot known in
the world, and which is considered as one of the most intelligent robots in the world.  
She has got the citizenship from Saudi Arabia:

This is an innovation for computer scientists, because this project is incredible
because it allows modern technology to evolve.  And that according to the various
sources this project had already begun to succeed in certain technologically advanced
countries.  But however it is said that it will be in 2030 that this project will be
experienced in everyday life.
 But unfortunately this then leads to many disadvantages and inconveniences for the
human species.  
Because the creation of this robot will make humans lazy over the years to follow
because they would become dependent on these automatic machines.
 And indeed, it would be very expensive to set up these machines: