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Fil des billets

18 janvier 2023


My role model


Hi, I'm Amberly, an LLCE student. And I am going to present my role model: my uncle. I let you discover his story through an interview. Have a good reading!


First of all, can you tell me about your childhood? For example, where were you born ? What kind of kid were you ? What were your hobbies at that time? Etc ../


I was born on May 28th, 1971 in Paris.Then I moved to Créteil. There I lived a very happy life with my two sisters and my mom. I went to school and played football until the 8th grade. 


Did you have any difficulties in school or were you comfortable with your studies ?

In the 8th grade, school started to get boring for me. I wasn’t really focused on classes and I wanted to give up school, but my mom always encouraged me to work and keep making efforts ! 


 What studies have you done? 

I obtained a professional certification : CAP in heating, then another professional diploma BEP in plumbing.


What did you do after your studies ? Did you get a job immediately? 

No, I did my military service for 11 months when I was 20 years old. Then I did some small jobs like mover, delivery driver… because I was no longer interested in plumbing. But then I decided to stop doing that and I finally became a plumber-heater. And many years of work later, I was promoted to site manager in a big company.


Are you still doing this job now ?

No. A few years ago I moved to Florida, USA, and became entrepreneur in the construction sector. 


What does your job involve?

I have set up a business where I buy houses and renovate them to give them a new life. 


What is your current goal?

 I want to continue and progress in my work and live a peaceful and happy life with my family.


Thank you very much for your answers! Your experience is very inspiring.


14 janvier 2023


“Hello, my name is Sirine and I am here to interview one of my closest friends.”

“Hello, can you introduce yourself?

“My name is Sarah and I was born on December 24th 2002 in Chesney in the hospital where
the cyber-attack happened.”


“Can you tell me about your childhood ?”

“I used to live in the same town during my childhood with my mom, my stepfather and my
step siblings. Every weekend and vacation I used to go to my grandparents’ house, I didn’t
have a lot of friends because I was very shy and my grades weren’t good because I never
did my homework and never listened in class, I also practiced horse riding for some years.”


“Can you tell me about your scholarship and your education?”

“ I wasn’t very good at school, so in year 9 they told me that I had to pass the French equivalent diploma: CAP because I hadn’t the level to follow general studies. My mom didn’t agree and she talked to the director and he told her that the only way to have a baccalaureate  was to repeat a
year, but despite this second year I didn’t work enough but this time they told me that I could go on
professional classes, so I did it.  I enjoyed it but I’m very shy, so I didn’t really love the human contact
and stuff but despite these problems I passed my baccalaureate with a special mention and right now I’m in a college studying science and learn how to go on a biology laboratory.  I really love it and  I am less shy now.”


“What are your dreams and hopes ?”

“ I would like  to become the greatest bacteriologist in the world, and I know that I have to
be hardworking to achieve my project”.


“ How hard do you think it’s going to be to achieve this objective?

“it’s gonna be really hard because you really need to focus on studies and pass all the exams
but I think I’ll be able to do it.”