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Fil des billets

22 mars 2022


Korea is one of the countries having a lot of different cults or sects connected to the Christian religion. There are countless cults in Korea with so much different ways to interpret the Christian religion than this can even go to very dangerous and illegal acts.
These cults have so much importance that they were responsible of the outbreak of COVID-19 like the « Shincheonji Church of Jesus » with 300 members declared with it. 
This cult is also the biggest one in the history of Korea with a number of 317,320 members. It was created on march 14, 1984 by Lee Man-Hee. This Church has a lot of accusations like some members trying to convert other koreans or foreigners by pretending they are just showing their religion and culture.
Some of them are really weird or even funny :
•    The guns of god : the church where we pray with AR-15 rifles
•    An unification church doing a wedding of more than 4,000 couples and even 20,000 
online at the same time ! ( extract of the wedding :
•    Pastor Shin Ok-ju arrested for beating her followers to get rid of their sins.  
And there is even more and different cults like that.

15 mars 2022


The Amish community is  living outside of modern society. We can't approach them, but
we can talk to their neighbors or former Amish people to learn more about their special
They usually live in the United States or in Canada and have a simple and strict life
without modern technologies: no cars, no TV, and no cellphone but carts, wind turbines
and solar panel. With a strict reading and application of the new testament, they refuse
modern medicine or activities.
Their lifestyle is very severe and hard, families are usually composed of 8 children
and their only jobs are builders, farmers, shop owners and religious teachers. They
produce their food and milk thanks to their own cows.
At school, they learn how to write, read, spell, German, English, that's it. They help with housework.
Only some Amish leave the community and enter the modern world.
A former Amish girl Megyn Kelly told about her life with the community and, she said, she was not
happy because the Amish girls only do the washing up, make breakfast for the family
and milk the cows. They are only wearing long dresses and their hair is covered
with a cap. She was not allowed to smile or laugh, especially at church and she didn't
have fun. She wasn't correctly educated.: She thought the planet was flat and people
could fall off if they went as far as possible. She didn't know who the president was
and how many states there were.
The Amish community lives without any high-tech  but the new generation of Amish can change that. Whether they like it or not they are going to use, one day, some technological elements. The kids
can help the Amish to level up oron the opposite they can lead to the end of this lifestyle.

14 mars 2022


The Amish community are a group of religious people who mainly live in the state of Pennsylvania and as they were in the 19th century. They are isolated from any kind of technology, so they don’t use cars, TV or even Internet, but the new technologies are slowly integrating the Amish community. The Amish community are afraid for the future of the Amish culture because the youngsters of this group are bonding with other people outside the community. This can lead into the discovery of the recent technology and the end of the Amish Community. The ideology of the group is to “Resolve problems by themselves” and Internet is a way of using other knowledge. They have a very low scholar level and their clothes are very strict.




The Amish have been in America for a very long time about the 18th century. Their religion is Christianity but they have a very strict interpretation of the Bible. They have Alsatian and Swiss roots and they also speak in an ancient Dutch dialect. The Amish people can only marry another Amish so they live in a very restricted circle. During Amish teenagers need to decide if they will be baptized and join the church, or if they want to leave the community (between 18 and 21 years old).

The Amish are against the modern world, they prefer to live like in the 19th century. Thereby, they don’t use cars but carriages, don’t have phones or any technological devices from the 21th century. They have simple clothing, looking like clothes people were wearing in 18th/19th century. For instance, it is forbidden to wear pants for Amish women.

Today, they are now found in 30 states as well as Canada, and the largest Amish population is in Ohio.

They are farming to provide for their family and children.

Men are building the houses and the farms while women are taking care of the houses, the children and the animals.

The Amish community is today considered as a strict religious sect.


It’s a religious community who lives mostly in the State of Pennsylvania. They follow a strict reading of the Christian Bible. They are protestant.





- They can’t drive cars, only travel with horses.

- They can’t use the traditional electricity but they use wind turbines and solar panels.

- They wear traditional clothes long dresses for women, simple clothes for men.

- They discourage the young to go to university. They only have an elementary level.

- They have their own schools in the community.





The main jobs they have are farmers, shop owners, religious teachers and builders.

Globally they refuse to mix with other people.

They also have a big families.

They can have an average of 8 children.

Some people decide to leave the Amish Community.

They speak many languages: Pennsylvania German, Bernese German, Low Alemannic Alsatien German, Amish High German, English.