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They were all red
But yours was blood-colored,
splendid, fascinating, unreal,
a mortal illusion

I wanted you from the moment I saw you
I wanted every part of you
Every thorn, every petal
I wanted you fully and completely
So don't push me away,
Instead, look at the beautiful marks on my palms,
Victims of your sharp thorns

Let me get there, let me touch your petals
Haven't I tasted enough of the pain of your thorns?
Let me lay my bruised hands on your untouched heart
Let me offer you my lacerated rose,
But will you accept what's left of my heart?

This is all I have, I ask for much
Yet I have nothing to offer you but,
Let me touch your flower
Please give me your rose
Let me discover each one of your petals
Let me love your heart

To the one whose eyes I met