Black Friday !!

Yesterday, it was Thanksgiving and's Black Friday in the US!! But what is it? 

1) Read this article to find out:

2) Some pictures to help you:

3) Listen to Paul now!  (cf annexe)

So, can you explain? What is Black Friday? Tell us in the comments... ;)



1. Le 27 novembre 2010, 10:08 par Thomas

it's a crhistmas shopping

2. Le 27 novembre 2010, 10:37 par manon

the vendor base reduction of the product and opens very early (4 a.m)

3. Le 27 novembre 2010, 11:05 par lea chironi

The store is off the toys christmas.There are lot of people .

4. Le 27 novembre 2010, 11:18 par Louise Trotignon 4eme2

Black Friday is the begin to christmas shopping, so their is lot of sales. People wake up at 4 am or 3 am for that. The day's name is from Philadelphia, at the begin it was for describe the vehicle trafic after Thanksgiving. It's a great day in the USA.

5. Le 27 novembre 2010, 11:26 par mathis

They are crazy prices in all stores in USA.

6. Le 27 novembre 2010, 18:08 par florence

it's commercial day,it's begging of the chrismas shopping season.

7. Le 27 novembre 2010, 20:50 par audrey

this day prices are really low for the begining of the christmas shopping's season so some stores open earlier.

8. Le 27 novembre 2010, 21:42 par Aude morain

It's a celbration in USA, Canada, Australia...
Black Friday is begin the chrismas shopping
For this celebration some stores open earlier.
People wake up earlier too.(4 a.m)

9. Le 28 novembre 2010, 09:45 par guillaume champain

It's a day to begin the Christmas season. The Salesmen wake up at 3 or 4 o clock. The day's name come's from Philadelphia, where the people were dissatisfied of the traffic car after Thanksgiving. It's sales and there is a lot of people.

10. Le 28 novembre 2010, 11:44 par alexis barotin

Black friday is the begining of the Christmas shopping season. On this day, many retailer open very open at 4am.

11. Le 28 novembre 2010, 18:33 par romain

it's the day of christmas shopping!!!
there are lot of people to come to the shop for buy lot
of things.It's a good day for the tradings

12. Le 28 novembre 2010, 18:41 par Thomas Chazal

It's a very big shopping at the 3 and 4 o'clock.