23 mai 2014

Letters from our pen friends in the US!

Message de Sara : 

Les lettres sont à propos de nos expériences d'enfance américaine, qui a des libertés et des restrictions. Et à propos de ce que nous aimons.

Quant aux photos... toutes les personnes sur la photo portent la couleur bleue. La semaine dernière, nous sommes arrivés en classe et nous nous sommes rendu compte du fait que toute la classe portait la même couleur! C'était très drôle, donc nous avons pris une photo! Une photo est drôle et l'autre est sérieuse. 

Lettres de nos correspondants : 



When I was little, every year during spring break, I would go visit my grandmother for a few days who lives in Brooklyn, New York. During my stay, we would take daily trips to different places in the city. We would wake up early in the morning and decide what adventure to go on that day. We would take the subway or the bus and start our journey. Some of the places we went to  were Rockefeller Center, Times Square, American Museum of Natural History, Circle Line Boat  and the South Street Seaport.  These places are exciting to go to and are always packed with so many people. People come from all over to visit New York City. There is just so many things to do. I look forward to visiting my grandmother every year because of the different  explorations we take into the city.

What was your favorite thing to do as a child? Did you like visiting your grandmother like me? Did you use to have a favorite place to visit? Is that still your favorite place to visit now? 

I'm excited to hear your response.




Hi everyone! 

We haven't talked in a while! So anyway, I had some really funny memories when I was a child. When I was a kid, I could not pronounce my little sisters name, so I just called her "little". I also couldn't pronounce my name, so I called myself Ella. When my sister was annoying, I used to take household objects and hit her with them. I would scream "bad little! No!" My mom got mad at me and put me in a time out, but I still did it anyway. I'm not crazy, I did this when I was five! Did you do something like this when you were kids ? And do you have siblings? Let us know! I hope we can keep writing to each other!




Dear all,


Hi! I hope France is doing well.  America here is interesting.  I was told to tell you about my childhood.  Well, here in the US it’s not uncommon to move to a different state, especially as a child.  I moved from Atlanta, Georgia to a small town in New Jersey when I was five years old.  If you’re not sure where the state Georgia is, it’s right above Florida so it’s pretty hot and humid.  I’m happy that I moved to NJ though.  It’s a lot cooler and we experience all four seasons unlike Georgia where it’s usually summer all year round.  Okay, well now you know a little more about American families.  Your welcome! Tell me if it is common for families to move in France.  Whether it’s work related or not.




Dear all,

Growing up in America is pretty cool, it comes with a lot of freedoms but also restrictions, like no sweets after 9:00, what's up with that? A lot of my time growing up was spent outside with my friends playing and creating games. My personal favorite thing to do, was play with Legos because those things rock! I'm wondering what kind of toys you guys would play with? Any way life is pretty chill, hope you enjoy reading this!

-Steven Karbachinskiy


Dear all,

I have so many memories of my childhood in America that I cannot possibly tell all of them to you guys, but here is my favorite. When I was in fifth grade, my family and I took a vacation to Wyoming. Out of all the fifty states in the U.S., many of my friends were surprised that I was going there. Some even laughed and wondered why I wasnít going to the beach. However, in Wyoming lays one of the most beautiful national parks in the entire country: Yellowstone. In that national park, there were so many things to do. I loved watching the elk, wolves, and grizzly bears. Being immersed in the nature made it so peaceful. There were mud volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs that were just magnificent. I think that is what I love most about the U.S. There are so many different types of environments across the nation.  In France, are there many different types of terrain that you guys can visit? What kind of animals do you see there? Additionally, in Wyoming I went to a ranch and rode a horse through a mountain trail in the Grand Tetons (a mountain range). Afterwards, one of the owners of the ranch made the best steaks I have ever eaten. What is the food like in France? Are there any dishes that are your favorites? After coming home from Wyoming, even though I had eaten so much meat from being there (that is all they eat) I also missed the wonderful bison burgers. From the ranch, we traveled to Jackson Hole, a town in Wyoming that was filled with cowboys and ranchers. Many of the buildings in the town were authentic and made from logs and wood. It was such a relief to be in an environment completely different from my home. I live in a suburban neighborhood. I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Your friend, 



Hello, guys!

I hope you have enjoyed your spring so far-- ours has just sprung! What is the French spring like? Ours is very flowery and pollinated. Once, when I was very little, I was a superb tree-climber, and would climb the trees that were just blooming in the spring. My family and I often went to the nearby arboretum were they had rows upon rows of cherry trees, perfect of climbing. I'd jump from tree to tree like a little monkey, shaking cherry blossoms everywhere.  One time we journeyed there on a nice May Day, and, as per usual, I started climbing my trees. However, while I was hiding in the uppermost branches, a group of unassuming Japanese tourist appeared and sat down beneath the tree I was in. My parents tried desperately to get me down, but before they could intervene, I began shaking the tree. Petals rained down upon the poor tourists and they shrieked and ran as fast as they could away from the cherry tree goblin. When They had fled and I jumped down from the tree, my parents tried to scold me, but couldn't get anything out because they were laughing too hard. 

I hope your spring is as enjoyable as mine was!

Your American friend, 



Dear all,

Hello, my name is Jack and I am a 16 year old taking French at the Morristown Beard School. During my early childhood, I have many fond memories of having fun with my brother's and many kids I knew who went to my school. However some of the best ones are of my little cousins, as it always used to be, and still is, a treat when they come over as they let me relive different times in my life and do things that I would normally consider to be too childish for a person my age. (granted I am only fifteen, but that is still much older than my cousins who are four and six) One of these times was when I went with them to Corolla, North Carolina on the island commonly known as the Outer Banks. My family had already been there for a few days, and on Monday my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins came. In the house we had rented there was a saltwater pool which we spent nearly every day in, and a billiards table on the main floor that we used once the sun had gone down. Unfortunately our week together was cut short but in the most spectacular way. The entire island had been called to evacuate tourists first, then residents because of hurricane Irene. 

We decided to wait an extra day so we wouldn't be stuck in the crazed dash to leave with the typical American tourists. (I'm pretty sure you know what this is. They have a very thick southern accent, generally loud, and always are either excited or frightened by everything. For some reason they always come to the east coast for vacation.) When we finally did leave I was in the car with my cousins, because we we wall meeting at our house on the way back anyway, the storm had almost reached the island and it was already pouring rain. On the bridge, the only way off the island, you could see the wind swaying the supports and the water rushing off the edges. That day was one of the most exciting yet scary experiences of my life so far, running from a hurricane.

What kinds of crazy weather do you guys have in France?

Do you ever have fun with it?

Until next time.


Hi guys,

When I was young, I had an epiphany. I was in preschool and my friend Justin and I were hungry. Instead of waiting for snack-time like the rest of the students, we stole cookies out of the cookie basket. Before we could eat them, the teacher appeared, took the cookies out of our hands, and yelled at us. Our punishment was that we could not eat shacks during snack-time for a week. It was on that day that I had my epiphany. I learned that there were consequences for my actions. I was only four years old, and so I was too young to realize that if I did do bad things that I would be punished. I learned a lot that day. 

I hope you liked my story!


Matt Karlson 


Bonjour all,

My name is Nicholas and I am a sophomore, which is tenth grade in America. 

I was little I remember spending a lot of time around sports. On most weekends I would play baseball, soccer, tennis ect, or go to a professional baseball game. Were sports a big party of your life too? Over the weekends I would also watch tv. I would get up, go into my parents room, and watch anything that had to do with houses, landscaping, decorating, and construction. This is probably not what most kids watch at my age watch, as my brother and sister normally watched Disney Chanel. Did you grow up in an active family? When I try to picture myself growing up in France I think that I would be very active; biking, hiking, walking; eat good meals. Would any of these be true if I came to live in France? And also I. Sure this isn't true for all families and it is stereotypical but do you drink wine when you are young ? 

I look forward to hearing from you all!




Dear all,

Hello all! My name is Rachel and I am 16 years old. Growing up in America was a lot of fun. The memories of my childhood that stand out the most are the holidays (Thanksgiving and Halloween in particular). Every Thanksgiving, I would wake up to the smell of delicious turkey cooking in the oven. I would come downstairs and my mother and father would be busy preparing the meal that my other relatives and I would consume later. Around lunch time, the rest of my family would start arriving: my aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, and some friends. We would all eat, talk, play games, and no one go home until after dinner. So during Thanksgiving we actually have two special meals! We also celebrate my birthday on this day because my birthday is always near Thanksgiving. Now, sadly, Thanksgiving is not as exciting as it was during my childhood. It is the sad truth about growing up.

However, Halloween is still exciting for me. I still dress up every year and go trick-or-treating with friends. When I was little, my mom and dad would dress up too. Now, they just give out candy to other kids. When I was little, I also used to have a Halloween party for my class. Everyone came to my house dressed in their costumes and we would play fun Halloween games and eat festive treats. 

Now you know about how I spend my most memorable holidays. Are there any holidays that you like celebrating? And are there any family traditions that you feel too old for now?

Hope to hear from you soon!





When I was in 5th grade, I passed notes to my friend in class and ended up getting yelled at by my teacher after class. She caught us and came over and took our notes away and told us to stay after class. I felt really guilty but I learned my lesson to not pass notes and to pay attention in class.

Have you ever experienced something similar to this?




Dear all, 

Growing up in the United States was an amazing experience for me. We live in a town very close to New York City, and riding the train into the city was always an exciting time for me as a child. This trip was the best during Christmastime. The city puts a huge tree in the middle of Rockefeller Center, and lights it up for the whole city. I also loved to eat there. My favorite food when I was little was chocolate pudding. My cousins live in Germany, and when they were visiting, my favorite food was Kinder Chocolate Eggs! What foods do you like in France? 

I went to school in my town until the 5th grade. 5th grade in America is when you are 10 years old. After this, I switched schools to Morristown Beard. In middle school, I loved school, but my least favorite class was French! Now it is one of my favorites! What do you guys do in school? Did you ever have to move schools when you got older? 




27 février 2014

Penfriends : snow day!

Nos correspondants américains subissent un hiver très rude cette année, comme vous avez pu le voir aux informations. 

Ils nous envoient trois vidéos réalisées un jour de grande neige... 




Bon courage à eux! 

14 décembre 2013

Our parcel from France...

Our parcel from France has been sent this morning... :) 

06 décembre 2013

Videos from MBS school

The videos "school projects" are on the ScolaWeb Tv : 

We received a parcel from the US!


Thank you guys!! 

Message from the US :)

Listen to the file... 

05 octobre 2013

School project

Comme nos correspondants américains, nous lançons notre School project

Je vous en rappelle les consignes : en binôme, réaliser une vidéo pour faire découvrir notre école aux élèves américains. 

Les contraintes : 

- Temps : 5 min max 

- Supports variés : photos, vidéos, interview (au moins une obligatoire), présentation par chaque membre du binôme. 

Vous trouverez en PJ le document support pour vous donner des idées; celles-ci ne sont qu'indicatives et vous pouvez tout à fait illustrer votre thème avec des éléments différents. 

Préparez votre "story board" avant de vous lancer de manière à être efficace dans vos prises de vues, organisation pour les interviews, etc. 

Montrez que vous êtes fiers de votre école et n'oubliez pas que vos vidéos serviront d'objet d'étude aux Américains!! :) 

25 septembre 2013

Our picture...in America!

Look here ;) 


Messages on Sara's blog!

You can read messages from our American penfriends on their website : 


Our pen friends !

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