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13 juillet 2018

Rejoignez la section européenne en baccalauréat Accueil et Commerce



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13 mai 2018

Visite de l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle - Seydou

This friday  I visited Charles de Gaulle airport. I loved the visit because it was very interesting for me. The ladie was nice i learned different jobs, the size of the airport. It's very important to be bilingual in the airport because there are many different travellers example : Japanese, Arabic, African.... later i would like to work in tourism or the fashion I do not know so far.


Les Parcu1 à l'aéroport

Aéroport Charles de Gaulle T1


29 avril 2018

Weekly report Week 4- Sarah

Good morning , 

Last sunday i didn't send my weekly report so, today i write for last week and this week . 

Last week was very hard , because it was the penultimate and long week. Lot of people at the hostel because two trampoline club was here . Sunday i went in Clift of Moher it was very beautiful and amazing, i think it was my favorite day . In my host family everythink is good , i love my host family !

Last week !! 

You came to my hostel , i was really happy to see you because it reminds me that the departure is soon.  Tuesday i went To buy the last gifts i had To buy. The souvenir shops make me laugh à lot because everything is green.  Wednesday was my birthday !! 

I received a lot of messages and my host family made me a surprise at the end of the dinner they brought me a cake with candles and they even bought me a gift . 

This expérience was amazing and very rewarding for me on many différent points, learned a new culture and i learned a lot about myself so i'm very happy to come back but very happy to have come !!

03 avril 2018

Weekly report Week 3 - Rémy

This week was  very calm, like the last week because the Hostel was not very busy and I think I got used to Irish’s life (but not to the hygiene). 

Monday, Thuesday and Wesneday it was very quiet, i didn't do special thing during the 3 days,

Thursday my boss invited me to the restaurant with him because he is happy of my job in the Hostel.


Friday, I worked at 10am until 2pm, he gave me 1hour for the God Friday. The same day was the birthday of 2 pupils from the groupe and all of us met in a Pub to speak about everything and eat something.

Saturday & Sunday all the day i stayed at home because i was tired. Tomorrow is a Bank holiday i think i’ll go running and do shopping.

Weekly report Week 3 - Lauriane


Dear, teacher this week I start my new internship everything goes well, I mainly wash the shelves, facing and restocked the shelves. My colleagues are nice and help me when I don’t understand some customer questions. 

In my host family everything is fine, for Easter she offered me chocolates and this week I did nothing but buy souvenirs and celebrate Sara and Seydou’s birthday.

30 mars 2018

Weekly report Week 2 - Samia

I like my internship, tasks are easy to do. I do spring labeling ... my colleagues are very nice, I have rarely had contact with customers but I think in the coming weeks I would have opportunity to further communicate with customers.
tasks performed:
I tagged cups ... I also printed the prices via the computer and then stick them on the products, i checked the products in shelves if there were in the right place ...

Weekly report Week 2 - Lauriane


Dear teachers, this week at my work placement was busy, at first I put the items and advised the customers then I was told how to use the till, finally in reserve I ironed the clothes arriving to finally put them in store. But I have to change of work placement because I am less than eighteen years old. 

simon_shop - Galway

And During our free time we went to see the beach of Salthill.



20 mars 2018

Weekly report Week 1 - Rémy

This week was very eventful, in 1 week we passed by all the feelings that we can have, fear, stress, happiness, smile and other ! 

The first day after I left you at the bus station my host mother drove me to her house and she directly went back on the road because she would like going to the church of his son. At dinner  I tried to speak with her but not very successfully because she has a very typical Irish accent (now I still have difficulty to speak with her, Ill succeed yet !).

The next day (Monday) with a Italian student, Alberto name’s, I went to school walking (3km) I discovered the school, I passed test, and I went to class, the afternoon we had a story and visit of  the city by David. 

Friday, the preparation of Paddy’s day and the last day with my class, Sadly... my class was composed of 4 Brazilian students: Rayannes, Flora, Daniel and Jennifer, 1 German old man: Axel, 1 French boy: Aymeric (from Lyon), and 1 South Corean boy: Taehyung. I exchanged my social networking with them to keep in touch.

Saturday was Green that’s the word to describe my day: I went to the Parade of Paddy’s day it’s all green everywhere : people, the streets and even the food !!! we are all the French students, we went to the beach in the afternoon but tooooooo cold for us .

Today, Monday it’s bank holiday because when St Patrick day’s it’s during the week end the Monday nobody works.

Weekly report Week 1 - Seydou

When I arrived in Galway I was anxious because I did not know my new family,but it’s a good family. 

During this week i did shopping, running, i have met news persons .


I was at the Saint Patrick it’s a big national party the world was all green and people were funny. 


Weekly report Week 1 - Hermann



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