Good morning , 

Last sunday i didn't send my weekly report so, today i write for last week and this week . 

Last week was very hard , because it was the penultimate and long week. Lot of people at the hostel because two trampoline club was here . Sunday i went in Clift of Moher it was very beautiful and amazing, i think it was my favorite day . In my host family everythink is good , i love my host family !

Last week !! 

You came to my hostel , i was really happy to see you because it reminds me that the departure is soon.  Tuesday i went To buy the last gifts i had To buy. The souvenir shops make me laugh à lot because everything is green.  Wednesday was my birthday !! 

I received a lot of messages and my host family made me a surprise at the end of the dinner they brought me a cake with candles and they even bought me a gift . 

This expérience was amazing and very rewarding for me on many différent points, learned a new culture and i learned a lot about myself so i'm very happy to come back but very happy to have come !!