This week was very eventful, in 1 week we passed by all the feelings that we can have, fear, stress, happiness, smile and other ! 

The first day after I left you at the bus station my host mother drove me to her house and she directly went back on the road because she would like going to the church of his son. At dinner  I tried to speak with her but not very successfully because she has a very typical Irish accent (now I still have difficulty to speak with her, Ill succeed yet !).

The next day (Monday) with a Italian student, Alberto name’s, I went to school walking (3km) I discovered the school, I passed test, and I went to class, the afternoon we had a story and visit of  the city by David. 

Friday, the preparation of Paddy’s day and the last day with my class, Sadly... my class was composed of 4 Brazilian students: Rayannes, Flora, Daniel and Jennifer, 1 German old man: Axel, 1 French boy: Aymeric (from Lyon), and 1 South Corean boy: Taehyung. I exchanged my social networking with them to keep in touch.

Saturday was Green that’s the word to describe my day: I went to the Parade of Paddy’s day it’s all green everywhere : people, the streets and even the food !!! we are all the French students, we went to the beach in the afternoon but tooooooo cold for us .

Today, Monday it’s bank holiday because when St Patrick day’s it’s during the week end the Monday nobody works.