Junior’s letter to Mr P.

Dear Mr P.

I am writing this letter to thank you for encouraging me to leave the rez. My school and my tribe are so poor and sad. My big sister and my dad’s best friend died because of alcohol, my grandmother was killed by a drunk driver. I don’t want to become an alcoholic or a drug-addict. You told me that I was ambitious and I had to go where other people have hope. That’s why I decided to go to Reardan. Leaving my family and Rowdy was very difficult. Rowdy and I were inseparable. He always protected me. He is such a good friend ! But his heart was broken by me and I hope he will forgive me.

The Reardan kids are so beautiful and intelligent. At first, I had to face their mockery and insults but despite my difference I managed to get accepted by all. I even met Penelope, a girl in my class. How beautiful this girl is ! We have become great friends. I also managed to integrate the Reardan basketball team. Encouraged by my father and the coach, I became a very good player.

You told me that I was a good kid and that I deserved the world. What a nice teacher ! I was a zero on the rez, but a new opportunity was given to me and now I have hope. I’m going to have a better life out in the white world.

Thank you again, Mr P.

Yours sincerely,

Arnold Spirit Junior


Junior’s answer to his sister’s letter.

Dear Mary,

It’s great that you didn’t give up on finding a job. You’ll find one soon. Believe in yourself ! Not having experience isn’t a problem, you’re gifted and learn easily, so keep on trying.

You started writing your book ? How cool ! I’m looking forward to reading it, it seems interesting. But I’d advise you to rename it, the title is a little bit long, don’t you think ?

I’m fine, by the way. I made new friends outside the reservation. They’re pretty cool even though they’re white. I don’t understand why we Indians are so hostile toward them. I mean not all Whites are racists !Anyway I went to a party with them and it was funny. A lot of pictures were taken. No, we didn’t drink alcohol. I’m fine with being sober and I’m broke.

Don’t you dare laugh but there’s this girl I like. Her name is Penelope. She’s really pretty. But I barely talk to her and she ignores me most of the time. She’s not cold-hearted or anything but I guess it’s just that I fall in love with girls I can’t reach. I hope she’ll notice me some day. I’d die for her. No, just kidding ! I’m not that into Shakespearian books. If she rejects me , I’ll just play it cool and cry when no-one’s around. Yes , I’m a weak highschooler and a hopeless romantic. And I will always be.

But enough talking ! I told mom and dad about your letter. They’re doing great and mom blows

kisses to you. We’re all very happy for you and your husband.

Take care,


PS. Mom accepts to be a grandma soon.


The « Dance, dance, dance » chapter seen from Penelope’s point of view

In December, I was invited by Junior to the Winter Formal. I was really excited. The day of the ball, we met at the gym, Junior was wearing such a retroactive suit ! He was so unusual ! Then we danced all evening till the end. It was so good I even forgot to get our picture taken by the professional dude. At the time I was sad because I wanted to have a picture to never forget that night. Later Junior and I walked out to the parking lot and Roger and a few other dudes proposed to come dine with them. I was ecstatic about the idea !

« What do you want to do, Penelope ? » Junior asked.

« Oh, I want to go ! » I said .

An hour later, when we were in the restaurant, Junior went to the toilets. After a while I was worried because he did not return. So Roger went to see him. A few minutes later, they came out. After the dinner, Roger told me that Junior was probably poor. I was so surprised ! I decided to speak to Junior in private.

« Junior, are you poor ? » I asked.

Junior looked embarrassed and he said, « Yes, I’m poor. »

I was so surprised and ashamed that I started to cry and kissed him.


An article published in the sports section of the Reardan Gazette.


What great news for Reardan’s basketball team !

Indeed last night they beat the Redskins of Wellpinit and at the same time their revenge was taken against them with an overwhelming score of 48-8 for Reardan. This victory enables the Reardan team to take back the lead of the championship. Congratulations to them especially as it was not a sure thing against Wellpinit. But the courage and determination of particularly one Reardan player made the difference. We are obviously talking about Arnold Spirit Junior who is the only Indian of the Reardan team. Last year Arnold played in Wellpinit’s team and yesterday he beat his own reservation. We can say that he was the man of this match. Yes, Arnold opened the score with an awesome three-pointer and he also prevented a formidable Wellpinit player from scoring more than four points.

After the match, a Reardan journalist spoke with Arnold and asked him : « How do you feel after this victory against your old teammates ? » And guess what he answered : « Weird. » What an original answer, isn’t it ? Anyway, at the end of the game our players were dancing, laughing and screaming around the gym. It was really an unforgettable moment for Reardan. The coach was so proud of his players that he yelled : « It’s the happiest moment of my life ! »

Congratulations again guys on your wonderful victory and don’t forget, Reardan will always be with you.