Weekly report n°1 : H.

Sunday : I arrived to Brian and Carols’ house towards 5:00 PM. After that, Carol and I went outside, so she could show me the way to go for the next day. After that, we came back and had dinner ;we had deer, potatoes and a veggie mix and gravy. I found it weird eating deer, since I have never eaten any,but it actually was pretty good.

Monday: At 9:30 we went to class, and met Alicia and Laurianne, the organisers of the trip. We then met Niraj, our teacher for the week.

Wednesday : We needed to go and visit our workplacements, to present ourselves. So I went to BHS (Brittish Heart Foundation). I met the manager of the shop, Paul, who was very nice to me while presenting the store and the main tasks I’ll be doing on next Tuesday.