25 décembre 2017

The Sorting Hat Speech

The Sorting Hat Speech 

Oh,  you  may not think I’m pretty,

But don't judge on what you see,

I'll eat myself if you can find

A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,

Your top hats sleek and tall,

For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat 

And I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head

The Sorting Hat can't see,

So try me on and I will tell you

 Where you ought to be .

You might belong in Gryffindor,

Where dwell the brave at heart,

Their daring, nerve and chivalry

Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true

And unafraid of toil;(= hard work)

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

If you've a ready mind,

Where those of wit and learning,

Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin

You'll make your real friends,

Those cunning folk use any means

To achieve their ends.

So put me on ! Don't be afraid !

And don't get in a flap! And don't get in a flap! (= Don’t panic)

You're in safe hands (though I have none)

For I'm a Thinking Cap.

12 décembre 2017

How to make a Christmas cracker

Voilà qui devrait vous aider à fabriquer vos crackers… Attention avec ces videos les extrémités de ces crackers ne sont pas forcément identiques à celles de votre fiche de compréhension écrite.

Enjoy !!


The Interactive Advent Calendar !

To be found here too !

29 novembre 2017

The British Isles

Have fun learning and revising !


24 novembre 2017

Dark Dark House

12 novembre 2017

The Characters' abilities and powers

11 novembre 2017

Personality tests 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6,7 and 8



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Copy and paste the following addresses :


Personality test 2 (By Ulysse and Bastian)   :  https://goo.gl/1sHrRH 

Personality test 3 ( By Clément, Lana , Elisa and Clara ) : https://goo.gl/3sCj1M

Personality test 4 ( By Paul , Jaouen , Dylan and Corentin A) : https://goo.gl/VXeYxr

Personality test 5 ( By Lucile, Estéban, Loriane and Corentin): https://goo.gl/Lg2Nzs

Personality test 6 ( By Maël, Donovan, Raphaël and Lilou) : https://goo.gl/q2iksM

Personality test 7 ( By Loïs, Léa and a little Louis and Loick): https://goo.gl/29i1dR

Personality test 8 ( By Flore, Léonie, Marcel and Elise) :https://goo.gl/KyCZXr

10 novembre 2017

Personality test1

Are you funny ? ( by Ambre, Enzo, Mathilde and Chiara)

Halloween !

08 novembre 2017

The Days of the Week

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