01 juillet 2020

An escape Game on Harry Potter !




Year 7 : some revision games for the holidays !



Don't forget to revise the vocabulary of your mindmaps as well as the conjugations in your copybook and do the exercises on the blog too  !

30 juin 2020

The Wheel of the Your Future !

Ask your questions and spin the wheel !





Here are some other sites for you to have fun !




29 juin 2020

CDV Pupils' Blues ( By the Year 7 3)








Here are the Lyrics !

CDV’ Pupils ‘ Blues

Where does he work ?

He works at school

Where does he eat ?

He eats at school

When does he have break ?

He never has break at CDV school

What does he have for lunch ?

He always eats snails

What time does he finish school ?

He finishes school at 6pm

What does he do after school ?

He often does his homework

Why does he go to school ?

Because he must go,

All day, all night , all day , all night

At the school ,at the school , at the great big school

26 juin 2020

The 5ème2's Articles

THe 5ème1's articles

18 juin 2020

5ème1's Speaking Portraits

Can you recognize who is who ? !

5ème2's Speaking portraits

Can you recognize who is who ?  !!



12 juin 2020

Les questions au présent simple

07 juin 2020

Jazz Chants !

Congratulations !!

Enjoy  ! 


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