25 septembre 2019

Vote for the craziest and/or funniest excuse ! And the winners are ....

4ème2 with n°4 : Congratulations to Noah M. Chloé , Pierre and Thomas 4ème3 with n°1 : congratulations to Chloé, Clara, Hugo and Sergio !

21 septembre 2019

The sound [ai]

Look , listen and repeat

sonai.jpeg.jpeg, sept. 2019


15 septembre 2019

The Escape Game before the test !!

Enjoy and be quick!!!

Lire la suite...

13 septembre 2019

Possessive determiners / adjectives and schoolthings

A bit of practice here


First, possessive determiners Then schoolthings Finally possessive determiners AND schoolthings

Hello, how are you ?

Listen to the song again !(Cliquez sur le fichier en annexes)

And do the following exercises to practise the vocabulary

Pour vous aider à apprendre le vocabulaire  :


Une compréhension orale :

Des jeux d'association : Et plein d'autres :

12 septembre 2019

Revisions ( Year 8) : school objects and classroom English

11 septembre 2019

I always agree with you ! Practising SO & NEITHER

10 septembre 2019

Classroom English in Year 7/6ème

Have fun ! Oral comprehension

09 septembre 2019

Fast and Curious

Fast and Curious

Would you rather ___ or ___ ?

You only have 30 seconds to think before answering
Be prepared to explain why you made that choice



Interactive calendar

Get ready to guess what the event of the day is ...


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