Voting for the most unbelievable piece of news

Choose one for each picture and post your choice ( for ex : A n°2, B n°3, etc).

Enjoy !

A/ Elliott was jogging in Jackson park last night when......

     a ghost appeared and beheaded him.

     he saw a beautiful woman who was in fact a monster and she killed him

      a hole appeared in front of him and he fell and landed in Wonderland 

     a group of angry / hungry children attacked and bit him

     he tripped over a poor chihuahua who died.

     he disappeared, he was found in Australia disguised as a chicken


B/ A 21-year-old man was downloading tracks from Madoonna's album when ....

     a skeleton broke into the house dancing

       a Pacman mistook him for food

      Madonna herself entered the room with a gun saying " stop downloading my album or I will kill you !"

     Madonna arrived and he sang her last single and the man cried.

     he saw an ET who wanted to kill  François Hollande but unfortunately the ET killed him because he was between Mr Hollande and the ET....