Personality test (by Chloé L. and Loubna A.)

Ask these questions to a friend and see how well s/he knows you !

If the answer corresponds to the answer of your friend, you get 1 point

1.What is my favorite color ?









2.What is my favorite city ?









3.What is my favorite series ?








Stranger things



4.What is my favorite subject at school?









5.what is my favorite activity ?




Hanging with friends




Watching anime



6.What is my favorite anime character ?











7.Who is my favorite singer ?


Lil peep


Billie ellish




Lana del rey



8.what is my sexuality ?









9.what is my favorite food ?


Japnese food


American food


Combia food



10.what is my favorite sport ?









11.What is my favorite pet ?









Score 0-3 : that sucks!

How long have you known each other ?


score 4-7 : that's ok

you're not exactly kuroo and kenma but you're quite good friends...


score 8-10 : woaww !

You two are best friends, you know so much about each other !


Personality quiz by Mathilde and Tiago

If the answer corresponds to the answer of your friend, you get 1 point 

1. What’s my favourite interest ?



Spend time with friends



2. What’smy favourite music artist ?


Ariana Grande

Billie Eillish

Mother Mother

Harry Styles


3. What’s my favourite color ?






4. What’s my favourite series ?



La casa de Papel


Stranger Things


5. What’s a good friend for me ?


Someone who listens to me

Someone who has the same tastes as me

Someone really kind


6. What’s my type of book ?








0-2 : Do you really know your friend ? You have a lot to learn from each other.


3-4 : You are just good friends and you should spend more time together.


5-6 : Are you two twin souls ? You know your best friend better than himself ! It’s impressive !



How much are you friends? By Léonie and Pauline

If the answer corresponds to the answer of your friend, you get 1 point

1. Your best party:

a- Big party with people you don’t know

b- Party with your close friends with popcorn and beauty product

c- Party with family

2. What do you wear? :

a- Jeans and t-shirt

b- Dress or shirt

c- Sweatshirt or sport suit

3. Your kind of series or film:

a- Action

b- Fantastic

c- Love story

4. Favorite subject at school:

a- Art, sport and music

b- Sciences area

c- Literary

5. What do you do with your money? :

a- Your spend it all

b- You spend it for a trip

c- You keep it preciously

6. If you see someone nobering a shop:

a- You call the police

b- You try to stop him

c- You do nothing


Your results:

  • Between 0 and 2 good answers you don’t know each other

  • Between 2 and 4 good answers you are good friends…

  • More than 4 good answers you are best friends!!!


Personality Quiz

1) When do you feel the best ?

A . In the morning

B . In the afternoon and early levening

C . Late at night

2) you usually work …

A . Fast with long steps

B . Fast with short steps

C . Slowly with your heard up

D . Very slowly

3) when you talk to people you …

A . Stand with your arms folded

B . Have one or both hands on your hips

C . Have both hands behind your back

D . Touch or push the person you are talking to

E . Play with your ear or touch your chin

4) wehen you relax , you sit with …

A . Your knees lent and your legs side leg side

B . Your legs crossed

C . Your legs straight out in front of you

D . One foot under you

5) which of these colors do you like the most ?

A . Red or orange

B . Black

C . Yellow or light blue

D . Green

E . Dark blue or people

6) in bed, you lie …

A . On your back

B . On you side

C . With your head on one arm

E . With your head under the covers

Move to score!!!

1) a2 b4 c6

2)a6 b4 c3 d2

3)a4 b5 c3 d7 e6

4)a4 b6 c2 d1

5)a6 b7 c5 d4 e3 f2 g1

6)a7 b6 c4 d2 e1

21-35 : people think you’re confident but also selfish and pushy they admire you, but they don’t enjoy your campany .

16-20 : people think you’re energetic and charming you’re always interesting

11-15 : people think you’re unfriendly, but really you’re just shy . You don’t make friend easily but you’re loyal

10 or less : people think you’re serious and unsociable . They think you are quiet and you prefer to spend time alone


A English Questionary  by Nadim

1. What colors fits you well?

o Vibrate colors

o Pastes /cold colors

o Dark colors

2. Your perfect vacation would be …

o On the beach

o In a city

o In your home

3. If you were stuck on an isolated island …

o You would look for food

o You would make a shelter

o You would make a fire

4. You prefer eating ...

o Sour food

o Sweet food

o Salty food

5. What kind of TV show do you watch?

o A adventure / funny one

o A dramatic / romantic one

o A scary / action one

6. If you were lost …

o You would look for a way

o You would shout for help

o You would try to find your way back

7. What do you like to do to cheer you up?

o Distract myself with a cool activity

o Talk to friends

o Watch my favorite movie

8. If you had super powers ...

o You would love to fly

o You would like being invisible

o You would like to rewind time

9. What do you think of yourself?

o I am wonderful

o I am the prettiest

o I am talented

10. If you had a pet, what would it be?

o An exotic one

o A cute one

o An intelligent one

Time for you to discover your personality:

If you have chosen mainly the first answers: You are athletic and love to adventure, you are very friendly .You aren't scared to make new things and you love to be around people.

If you have chosen mainly the second answers:

You are out going and love to make new friends. You are very open minded. You are the cutes in your friend group and you are always ready to party.

If you have chosen mainly the third answers: You are really cool and talkative. Evry time you want something, you do your best to get it and are determined to obtain it even if it's hard, you never give up