Here are the answers!!!!  to the riddles the 3e6 class has created about different movies.

Click on the titles to watch an extract ;)

1) It's a film released in 2018, it lasts 134 minutes ,It describes a very popular music group but especially the life of Freddy Mercury , the film was directed by Bryan Singer and the screenplay was written by Anthony McCarten and Susie Figgis it's responsible for the distribution of the roles. = Bohemian Rhapsody

2) It's film about inequalities with African Americans

The newspaper was founded in1955 and covers the tragic death of 14 year- old Emmet Till  = The Face of Emmet Till

3) The movie I chose is an animated comedy film.
It follows the story of a father and his family in a silly adventure.
The father polluted a lake in the city, the american governement decides that the city is a danger to the country and puts a glass dome on top of it.
The baby then finds a secret passage to go to the other side of the glass dome so the family uses it and go to Alaska. = The Simpsons Movie

4) It’s the story about a wonderful princess which lives in the forest  with seven litlle boys. She makes the cooking and the housework for her friends. Unfortunately, she meets the witch, She wants to be as beautiful as her. = Snow White

5) It’s the story about two sisters, one of them had power to change things in ice. She will create a snowman. One of them fall in love. = Frozen

6) It’s the story about a very long haired girl who lives in a tower with her mum. She was taken by the witch when she was a baby. Now, when she sees lantern she understand where she comes from. = Tangled

7) It’s the story about yellow little monsters which are working in a factory. One of them, the biggest, is a secret agent.= Despicable Me

8) It is a film which talks about a famous family, all the family have super powers,but we don't know their identities.

The film was released in 2004. The film was produced by Pixar Studios.

This film was directed by Brad Bird. It is a animated film of action that tells the story of a family of heroes.

This is an American film.  = The Incredibles

9) It's a scientist who creates a time machine, he has a dog called Einstein, he travels back in time with Marty. =  Back to the Future

10) he is an adventurer, he always has his lasso with him and he is looking for treasures in the world. = Indiana Jones

11) This is the story of an elephant with big ears, thanks to the ears, it can fly and he was bought by a circus. = Dumbo

12) It's a  Basket-ball movie, This is the story of a man who had his team, to participate in the tournament he will rebuild a team, this team is made up of great NBA player. = Uncle Drew


13) The movie was released in 2001, it was directed by Chris Colombus.

The prologue of the movie, released by John Williams, is very famous.

This is the story of a young boy who discovers the world of wizards.

His parents were wizards.

In the leading role is Daniel Radcliffe. = Harry Potter

14) With a snap of his finger he destroys all the population on earth. 

A departure  from thé past and they have all the stones. 

Just a war to end it.  = Avengers Endgame


15) I was a famous person 

I have played the guitar and I  have sung for my band

The name of the band I have played in start with a N and my first name start with a K

the band his very famous and him best period was in the 90' = Nirvana  (not a film... :( )


16) It's an American series aired for the first time on August 29,2005,

-This is a series that as 5 seasons with a total of 90 épisodes,

-The series revolves mainly around conspiracy, escape from several prisons and mutual aid,

-The two main characters are Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. = Prison Break


17) My film is about football and prison. The actors of this film are Adam Sandler, Ehrin Rock, Burt Reynolds, Mickael Irving, Terry Crews, Nelly and more. My film was made (released) in 2005. = The Longest Yard


18) My film is for the greedy.

A great love between a man and an animal. A great cook!  A very famous restaurant. A childhood dish! = Ratatouille

19) What is the famous series called on disney Channel in 2012 ? = Waverly Place


20) This is an action movie reased this year with Will Smith. = Gemini Man


21) I am a girl who lives in a world where rabbits can speak or whites are painted red and where cricket is mostly practiced = Alice in Wonderland


22) This film was realised in 2019.

Rocky balboa is his trainer.  

This film is a drama.  

The filming started on march 2018

in the film the characters have to find stones  to fight a person what film am I? = Creed II


23) Director:Glen Winter

Released on: 7 october 2014

Main character: Barry Allen

  Story: Following a laboratory accident in which he was struck by lightining.he works for the scientific police departement = The Flash


24) the realease of the film is in 2013 

the director of this film is julien abraham 

this film is dramactic comedy = La Cité Rose ( a French movie)