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02 juin 2019


The students are performing the proposal scene between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet

05 mai 2019

OUR TRIP TO BATH: the travel diaries

Some examples of travel diaires
Yann E. travel diary





Our trip in BATH: Last day

What a shame!!! Today is our last day in England. It’s Friday the eighth of February and we had to wake up really early (around quarter past six) because we had to pack our suitcases. After a difficult awakening, we had our breakfast and went in the car, we were going to leave Melksham and its “particular” food. Unfortunately, when we went in the coach, the weather started to get bad…

We drove around two hours and we finally arrived in Winchester. The weather was so bad that we called Winchester “the Ireland simulator”! We met our guides and visited the huge and magnificent Winchester Cathedral. We learnt the incredible story of the cathedral. Did you know that the cathedral was invaded by water, so a man put some bags of cement under the cathedral and saved Winchester? So, he was buried near his helmet to thank him. We visited some “secret” places and one of the guides told us we visited these places because we are special! We of course had the chance to see Jane Austen’s grave.

Because the weather was horrible, we ate in a room our undelicious cucumber and egg sandwiches, yes! Finally the guide took us to the house where Jane Austen spent her last days and died in 1817, she even moved to Winchester just in order to get better. 


It’s already the end of the visits, now we had to go back home to eat better food! We drove hours and hours but we arrived to the shuttle too early so we went shopping and one hour later we went back in the shuttle. We were in the coach in a train under the Channel. Worst place in the world for claustrophobics.

But the travel was short and we arrived around one hour later. We drove again and stopped to a gaz station, the same where we had allready stopped the first day, I don’t remember the exact hour but I think it was quite late. The people who worked here let us eat inside because it was very cold even if normally we aren’t allowed to eat inside. We then drove for a long long long time and arrived in front of the school at half eleven PM. Our parents were already here wating for us so we just joined them and that’s the end of our trip to England!




OUR TRIP TO BATH: DAY 3 by Romain D.

 DAY 3

Like every morning, the host families dropped us at the meeting point.

So on this rainy day , during two hours we visited Bath with a guide .Thanks to this visit, we saw many important monuments of Bath like the R.C , the Circus , the J.A center, Queens park , the famous bridge of Bath.

After this visit because of the rainy weather we went to McDonald’s to eat a little something … or just a big lunch

Then we had two free hours to do shopping. We could go in the shop that we wanted in one street. There were many things that we bought.

After that, we went in another museum of J.A . We had the opportunity to dress up and play at “old games”. After , we ate some sandwiches and drank the afternoon tea with milk , sugar and other British things.

Now, it was the time to return to our families bye …

OUR TRIP TO BATH: DAY 2 by Emilie G.


  • We had to go to the bus at 7 :00 a.m.
    After we had 1 hour to arrive to the ROMAN BATHS.
    The weather was cloudy, and cold but a bit sunny.


  • The ROMAN BATHS are very big and I’ve heard that they are biggest than Paris’ ROMAN BATHS. There were two very very big doors. The central bath was extremely big too.


  • The fashion museum was about the GEORGIAN ERA. There were some accessories and shoes of that period. And there were women’s dresses. And we could dress up in some Georgian era’s dresses


  • After we got to a square to have lunch. In this square there was a boar’s statue and when we got to this square, we met a typical red phone booth. And Paulinah forgot her phone at the Fashion Museum.


  • In the afternoon, we went to an art gallery where there were typical paintings and artworks


  • After the Art gallery, we did a rally.


  • For the rally, we visited Bath and answered some questions by groups of 2.


  • After we go to an abbey which was called “The Bath Abbey”.


  • And then we left Bath to go with our host families.


  • Manon’s host family was very cool, they were elderly people and the house was very big.


  • Emilie’s host family was very cool too. There was just a woman with her son and her daughter. And they had two big dogs.


  • We also like all this day.

OUR TRIP TO BATH: DAY 1 by Raphael L.

                              Our trip

Day 1 :

We arrived to the meeting point at 6.45 am in front of the school. We took the bus to go to Calais. During the journey, we could watch series or play games. At Calais, the customs checked if our papers were ok. Then we took the shuttle, it is a large train which can transport cars, buses …, it goes under the sea to go to England. We had lunch in it.







3o minutes after, we were in England and we went to Chawton to visit the great house and the Jane Austen house. There we were separated into two groups. The first visit was the Jane Austen house, while the second one was the Greathouse. After, we switched groups for the visit.  


        Greathouse                       Jane Austen House                         


Next, we met our host families in Melksham. Finally, we visited their houses, we took a shower and we had dinner.


15 février 2019


03 février 2019


Interview by Cassandre, Anais & Claire


Interview by Emilie & Manon

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