Earth Day

Earth Day
is  held on April 22nd every year. Earth Day is a
day to remember to take care of our planet, Earth. We can take care of our planet by keeping it clean.We can keep Earth clean by following the rule of“reduce, reuse, recycle”.
Reduce means use less
We can reduce our use of resources like water or gasoline.
Reuse means use again, rather than throw things away. We can reuse many things, such as jars,plastic bags, and boxes.
Recycle means to make something new from something old. We can keep Earth clean by recycling materials such as aluminum,paper, and plastic.If we take these material to are cycling center, they can be used again in a differentway.
On Earth Day, we remindourselves and everyone on Earth that we must do these things. We must do these things every day, not just on Earth Day. We must all do our part, and we can make a difference.
On April 22nd, remind everyone you know that every day is Earth Day!

Here is what we can do on Earth Day   :    &

And you , what are you going to do for Earth Day ? !!!