19 mars 2018

Training to describe a painting!

Edward Hopper

30tablespourdames.jpg, mar. 2018


16 mars 2018

Water- Rich and poor countries.

Here is a video dealing with the differences between rich and poor countries to have access to fresh drinkable water.

<iframe frameborder="0" width="570" height="321" src="//scolawebtv.crdp-versailles.fr/?iframe&id=29857" allowfullscreen ></iframe>

01 février 2018

The Water (Hydrolic) cycle!

Voici le travail à faire avant de remplir votre polycopié!

et le lien direct vers l'application: https://learningapps.org/display?v=p0aekfddt18

23 janvier 2018

Mount Vernon Virtual Tour

Go and have a look at this remarkable house that belonged to George Washinghton.



socialcard.jpg, janv. 2018


Timeline - Fighting for Equality!

All this timeline corresponds to the major event we are going to study during this sequence!

s1-3-the_fight_for_equality-img.jpg, janv. 2018


16 décembre 2017

4 famous places in Hollywood!

Here is the document with the 4 famous places in Hollywood! (to complete your document!)



13 décembre 2017

Picture of Singin' in the rain!

Write some exclamations thanks to this picture!


s3-6-Singin_in_the_Rain_32.jpg, déc. 2017


16 octobre 2017

Horse race to revise the prepositions!

Pour réviser les prépositions!!!


02 octobre 2017

Let's work on feelings with the movie "Inside Out"! - 6ème

Voici une petite activité interactive sur LEARNING APPS pour travailler sur les sentiments à travaers le film "Vice Versa" (Inside Out en anglais)


25 septembre 2017

Wordcloud on weather adjectives for the Spelling Bee Contest!

Here is the fourth wordcloud on weather adjectives!


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