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22 juin 2020

The solar eclipse in Asia, Africa and the Middle East – in pictures

A girl observes the solar eclipse from the Mahanakhon Skywalk glass tray

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15 juin 2020

Capturing the cry for change: photographers on the BLM protests

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10 mai 2020

Sun worshippers in lockdown – in pictures

The photographer Olivia Harris has been seeking out the sun worshippers of London making the best of their front stoops, balconies, window ledges and gardens, and finding out how they are managing under lockdown

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03 mai 2020

New York City

Alisha Narvaez, a funeral services worker, transports a body in Harlem.

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18 mars 2020

2020 European Tree of the Year - in pictures

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17 mars 2020

The week that Covid-19 shut the US down – in pictures

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16 mars 2020

Europe empties its streets to slow coronavirus – in pictures

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01 mars 2020

Shepard Fairey

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "shepard fairey"

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23 février 2020

Science is an art

Musician Dagmar Turner plays the violin during brain surgery at King’s College hospital. The medical team asked Dagmar Turner, 53, to play the instrument to ensure parts of the brain that control delicate hand movements and coordination were not damaged during the millimetre-precise surgery. Turner was diagnosed in 2013 with a brain tumour after suffering a seizure during a symphony.

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05 janvier 2020

Gippsland, Australia

Smoke rises as East Gippsland, Victoria, burns. Thousands of people have had to flee their homes in north-east Victoria and the south coast of New South Wales in Australia’s largest ever peacetime evacuation.

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