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Easter by Salima 6ème3

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Listen to this brilliant oral presentation about Easter celebrations. Well done Salima!


The US in the 60's

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A very good presentation about the US in the 60's written by brilliant Coumba from 3ème6.The_US_in_the_60_s_by_Coumba.pdf

Book 2 Lesson 2: Physical description activities

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Grâce au site ici , tu peux t'entrainer à réviser tout le vocabulaire de la description physique.

Vocabulary the body and the face

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These are two intresting links to revise the vocabulary of the body and the face and to improve your prononciation
 the body
 the face


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Here are the documents that you worked on today. easter_.pptx

Review your vocabulary and play Easter games here. 

Trace écrite 1 ici Easter_trace_e_crite_1.docx

Pile of colorful Easter eggs

A brief history of the USA

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Click here to Listen to this excellent oral presentation about the geography and the history of the USA given by Mariam Babayan 3ème2


Tour the state by Renald Francouer

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This is the video clip you've watched this morning. Listen, sing to learn as many states and capital cities as you can.

The United states of America: Jigsaw map game

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A very funny jigsaw ( puzzle) to revise the states of the USA
Click here

Alexis' school morning routine

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This is the video we watched in class today. Watch it again and get ready to speak about Alexis'school morning routine.

click here to watch the video

Et voici la trace écrite que nous avons rédigée en classe.






Games daily routine

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Des jeux et des activités ludiques pour réviser le vocabulaire de la routine. Clique ici.


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