Happy Saint George's day

St George's Day in England remembers St George, England's patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England's national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess.

Here is a video to know all about Saint George's legend



I am so sorry the blog didn't work yesterday and we couldn't wish Queen Elizabeth a happy birthday !! 

Yes, the 21st of April is the Queen's birthday, she turned 94 this year !!

But did you know that the Queen had TWO birthdays??? 

Here is an article which will explain why : https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/36489213 

JUST FOR FUN Harry Potter at home !

To you all Harry Potter fans here is some good news ! 

JK Rowling has launched a new website called Harry Potter at home hoping to give self-isolation a magical twist.

Here is the link ! have fun ! 


Bored ? Here are some games from the British council website ! 


JUST FOR FUN Internet Radio UK

Would you like to listen to the radio in English ? 


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JUST FOR FUN Today is Saint Patrick's day

Click on this video to learn more about Saint Patrick 

JUST FOR FUN let's listen to some music

As music soothes the soul, here is a nice song to remind us that "everything is going to be alright" :) 

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Online courses

As you know, we are now on lockdown because of the covid-19 so we can't see each other anymore but as I thought you might miss me, I've created this blog so that you can still practice English!! Happy, huh???

I will post on this blog on a regular basis so that we can stay in touch and talk. 

When it's a lesson it will be mentioned "4emes LESSON....".or "5emes LESSON....", when it's an exercise it will be mentioned "4èmes EXERCISE..." or 5ème EXERCISE...."

Sometimes I will also post music or small videos that will only be for your pleasure and I will mention "JUST FOR FUN" 

Of course you can comment on articles directly on the blog and as much as you want but be careful : ONLY ENGLISH ALLOWED !! :) 

I hope you are all safe and well ! Take care ! 

(helpbox : lockdown = confinement / each other = les uns les autres / stay in touch = rester en contact / on a regular basis = régulièrement/ allowed = autorisé/ take care = prenez soin de vous )