On April 15th, the Postcrossing project came to an end after approximately 700 postcards were exchanged throughout the world.

  • This year, the super winners are Capucine & Nasrène. They travelled 250,861 km
  • n°2 is Chloé from T03 with a total of 179,952 km
  • n°3 is Zoé from T12 with 174,852 km
  • n°4 are Suzanne & Salomé from 103 with 86,800 km
  • n°5 are Barbara & Sydney from T01 with 76,251 km
  • n°6 are Kimberley, Fanny & Mathilde from T05 with 68,430 km

Watch the video and feel free to comment on it, of course !