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The American Dream


Read Scott Dawson's interview after he passed through Ellis Island. Written by Sabrina Rahoui, 2nde B

The American Dream, by Scott Dawson


Scott Dawson is an immigrant who left Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century, with his wife and daughter. In this interview, he talks about his fears, joy and his expectations.

Where did you come from?


I came from Corcaigh; this is a big town in the North of Ireland. Corcaigh’s my native country.

Why did you leave your town?


I left my town as there was the famine and I lost my job, so my family was very hungry. In my town, my family had a grim future. If we stayed, we’d starve too.


When did you decide to leave Ireland?

When I lost my job, me and my wife weighed the pros and cons: we were persecuted and poor, so we made a decision: we had to leave the town.


So, how did you pay the crossing ?


I had few savings thus I decided me and my family would go to the USA. So, we paid for three fares.

What was the crossing like?


On the boat, the living conditions were poor. The food was scarce and stinky. We were in the steerage, the air was filthy, and there were a lot of people who were unhealthy. Whereas we were overjoyed as we were tired with the famine.


Were you afraid when your family were checked?


I was very afraid as I didn’t want my wife, my daughter and me, to go back in Ireland. Yet, when we were accepted, me and my family were over the moon.

I want to improve the life of my daughter”

What do you expect from the USA? What are your prospects?


My immigration in the USA is a way of starting a new life, that’s why I’m not going to work for a pittance. We were confident, and hopeful. I look forward to finding a job and I’m determined. I want to improve the life of my daughter. I came to the USA as I wanted to work and get money. I want to be wealthy and to fulfil my dream.

What’s your dream?


I want to become a famous chef.

Where are you going to live?


I’m going to settle down in California as I’ve got relatives there.






















Impro: after Asimov's Robot Dreams


Impro: Imagine the dialogue between Susan Calvin and Linda Rash after Elvex was shot dead by Susan.

Linda : Why did you kill Elvex ? As soon as you knew that this robot might have dreamt, you shot a bullet in his head !
Susan : I did it because he was not supposed to dream, he was just a machine, you know ? I must have done a mistake... I'm going to improve the way I make robots.
Linda : But what are you going to do in order to improve this robot ? He was our best prototype ! He could walk, look, analyse his environment and mainly... he could dream, just like human beings !
Susan : "Our" ? You must not forget that I made Elvex myself, with my own knowledge. You called me "The Living Legend", do you remember ? So, I didn't want Elvex to be able to dream or think by himself. Robots are made to serve human beings and nothing else.
Linda : God... I can't believe it ! Are you heartless, Dr. Calvin ? You know, you are the real robot ! You have got no feelings, no understanding of other persons !
Susan : Linda Rash, you're just a robot psychologist and you don't know anything about science ! You're too emotional to understand that !
Linda : Maybe. But I have understood that you haven't got any ethics ! Anyway Dr. Calvin, I don't want to talk with you anymore...

Danielle Azran & Ghalib Abdul, TL1



Linda : But why did you do that ?
Dr Calvin : You created a dangerous robot, you know.
Linda : He wasn't dangerous, he had feelings !
Dr Calvin : You said “feelings” but Lvx considered robots as human beings.
Linda : It is not dangerous, we could have kept him with us.
Dr Calvin : Don't worry about your robot, it didn't suffer.
Linda : It is not the problem, like I said he had feelings, we could have found a solution. You are too strict !
Dr Calvin : Maybe I'm strict, but to me robots are just like machines.
Linda : He wasn't like other robots, he was different, I created him to be original !
Dr Calvin : But he considered himself as a human begin and he distorted the Third law of robotics.
Linda : We could have cleared his brain !
Dr Calvin : Changing his brain was impossible. He would have talked about his dreams to other robots.
Linda : So what ? It is not a felony !
Dr Calvin : You are too emotional and unconscious.
Linda : Or maybe you are not emotional enough.
Dr Calvin : I don't think I did a mistake I'm a Legend, I never do mistakes.

Nolwenn Becquet  & Margot Carneiro, TL1


Linda Rash:  " Why did you kill Elvex? "

Dr Calvin: " You know, a robot who dreams is very dangerous. He distorted the 3rd law of robotics. It's very important to respect them. Do you understand ?"

Linda Rash: " Yes, but he was like a human being. He dreamt, I considered  him as a human being."

Dr Calvin: " Are you kidding me? I’m explaining that it's dangerous! He showed signs that he was human and he was only a machine created by human beings! It was a robot not a human. You are useless. Your work is not efficient because you are too emotional. I am the one to decide! Is it clear? "

Linda Rash: " I hate you! I have responsibilities too!"

Dr Calvin: " I am the Living Legend and I have the authority. You must respect me and obey! Can I give you piece of advice?"

Linda Rash: " Yes, what?"

Dr Calvin: " You have to be less emotional to do a good job."

Linda Rash: " I AM WHAT I AM! I don't accept your reproaches, I am going away!"


Charlène Bertrand, Arthur Coll, Cécile Guémené


Rash:" What did you do Calvin ?! It was not necessary to kill it !  Elvex had just dreamed."
Calvin:" Who are you to talk to me like this ! I'm a Living Legend and you must respect me !"
Rash:" Yes, you are a living legend but an OLD Living Legend and it's not a reason to kill Elvex"
Calvin:" You're too junior here ! A Living Legend like me still has things to teach you"
Rash:" You know many scientists could teach me things... And you are not alone on Earth"
Calvin:" Don't be stupid. Where could you find a better scientist than me?"
Rash:" you are perhaps a good scientist but as I said you're not alone on the Earth"
Calvin:" You are too impulsive and emotional. Take care about your feelings. You have to be careful with your convictions. Did you really respect the rules ?"
Rash:"Yes, I think so ! People asked me to create a robot and I did it ! I just wanted to teach Elvex some human vocabulary that's all.  Anyway for me you are just a killer !"
Calvin:"Am I the only executioner ? I did my duty but you made him. If you had not done that I wouldn’t have executed Elvex. You are a kind of murderer."
Rash:"NO, I'm not ! Anyway I  don't care. Tomorrow, I quit. Bye"
Calvin:" I don't care either ! It's not a problem for me or for the lab!"

Estella Colomies & Chloé Dumoulin

Portraits of Ladies


What the pupils from the TL1 said about the women in their lives…


"She cooks well and she's always here for me. She's so sweet and nice. Her courage is her force and that's why I love her.

I love this woman for her knowledge. She can resolve my problems very quickly, just like that. Furthermore, I love this woman because she gave me tenderness as a mother may give to her son. She is essential to my life, and that's why I love her.

She is devoted.

If I had to chose one woman in my life that I would have to describe, and tell why I look up to her, it would be my mom. She is the bravest person I've ever known. She listens to me and she supports me for everything I chose to do. She is here whenever I need her, and even when I don't need her, she is still here.
She is kind, giving, she wants my happiness above all. Her pieces of advice are wise, she will always be honest with me, that's why I love her. She's my wonder woman. She's the woman I want to become, she's the person I want to make proud. After all the ups and downs, after all these years she is still here and she brings me up each time I'm feeling down. For all these reasons, I can say with pride that my mother is the person I admire the most in my life and I always will, she is my hero.

She is open- minded generous and tolerant; she is the perfect example of the ideal woman for me.

I like my best friend's presence and sense of humour.

To me, this very important lady is understanding."

Estella Colomies Ghalib Abdul, Nolwenn Becquet, Danielle Azran, Fanny Beccavin, Charlène Bertrand, Cécile Guémené. 

And the pupils from the TSTG:


" She’s beautiful and is a good friend. She cooks well. She’s always here for me and always happy. She listens to me. She’s a good dancer too.

She cooks well. She speaks with me whenever I want or when I’m unhappy. She’s amazing. She makes me happy. She takes care of me when I’m sad.

Her name is Miyuki. She has been living in Finland since the beginning of the year. She has been my best friend since we were 11. To me, she’s THE MOST perfect girl in the world because she’s always happy, fit and sweet. She advises me when I have a problem and she always proposes the best solution. She lives far away but she takes care of me. She enjoys cooking cakes just for me, and I like that!

I love the way she is. She has problems but she always looks happy. I love her strength. She’s beautiful, clever, and funny. She’s patient and listens to my worries. She’s a good dancer. She’ll have a great job.

She protected me when I was little. She helps me whenever I need.

She’s always here when I need her. She listens to me. Even if she’s mad at me, I know she’ll always do anything for me. She’s the only one who knows me, and who understands me.

She is a model for me because she’s courageous. She listens to everybody, everyday. She’ s got a different personality. She shares her experience of life with me.

She knew how to raise me and my sister without anybody’s help.

It was difficult for her in her new job but now she fits in well, because she is very courageous. She hasn’t changed.

She can cook very well and take care of her children alone.

I totally admire her because she’s only 17 and she’s a mother now. She’s mature and strong.

I’m fascinated because she’s very sick but she fights for her life everyday, because she loves life. She’s amazing."



Anonymes, Maxime Saint- Louis, Mélany Touly, Raphael Bak, Roxane Bessent, Yoann Roiseux




            Samje was a poor little boy. When he was 8 years old, he was living in Calcutta. He was so destitute that he was always wearing shabby clothes. He had no parents : he lived alone in a small stinky room. Every morning, he woke up at 6 o’clock in order to go to work. Until 7 p.m. he worked hard in his carpet factory. He hadn’t any break during the day, except for lunch. But he couldn’t eat every day, because of his meager salary. Still in spite of those very hard working and living conditions, he felt quite happy. Indeed he had a lot of friends at the factory. All the workers were between 4 and 10 years old, thus they were all his friends ! But even with a lot of friends, Samje’s life was very difficult.

         However one day a British family came to the factory so as to buy a carpet. But when they saw Samje working so hard, they were really shocked. Consequently a few days later, they asked Samje if he wanted to come with them in England. Samje found them really nice, so he answered : “Of course I do !” And two weeks later, after Samje said goodbye to his friends, all the family left India.

         Now Samje lives in England. He lives with his adoptive family, Mr. and Mrs. Gates and their daughter Emily, in a very big house, not far from Bristol. Today he wears beautiful clothes and he goes to school. What an amazing thing ! He made a lot of friends ! And working days are so short now! He really loves his new life. The food is not scare anymore, he has a lovely family… Indeed, he feels really good !

Ombeline Labaune, 2nde B



Writing letters


Patrick O'Connor

543 Long Street

Los Angeles



Dear Shannon,


Happy birthday ! How are you ? Do you realize that one year ago we were on Ellis Island? We had just finished with this stinky boat… However we were still living in our dream world because we were together… But now everything has changed. I’m living far away from you. Do you like New York ? When I left you one year ago, I had to go through a lot of problems… First a terrible trip with very strange people, then a poor room in LA, and some very bad working conditions… However I endured all that and I finally found a very good job: I’m a lawyer now ! I earn a lot of money each month, so I bought an enormous house ! And I have a beautiful garden too ! As a consequence I ask you, my dear Shannon, if you want to join me? Do you want to come and live with me in LA ? There isn’t any danger anymore now !

I really hope you are happy.




Shannon Ryan
c/o Gates family
435 Little Avenue
NY, NY  


Dear Patrick,


            Your letter made me feel very happy ! When you left me one year ago, I found a nice job too : now I work as a nanny for a wealthy lady, Mrs. Gates. I’m very pleased because I earn 20$ a week ! Thus I’m living and working in very comfortable conditions ! But I haven’t a lot of good friends… Consequently, I would be really happy to come and live with you in Los Angeles! Yesterday I told Mrs. Gates that I was leaving soon. She was a bit sad, but very happy for us too. During the trip I’ll need to be strong and courageous… But I’ve got a lot of prospects too for our future !



Ombeline Labaune, 2nde B




Patrick O'Connor

1720 Carlwood,Los Angeles, California,USA



                                                Shannon Ryan,150 5th Avenue,

New York City,New York,USA



Dear Shannon,

First I wish you a happy birthday and a good health. How are you ? Did you find a job? I am in Los Angeles. It is a fantastic city there are a lot of palm trees and the weather is awesome. I recently found a job, in a butchery near my house so I have a good salary. 

Tell me about you please. How is your new life in New York? You know I was walking along the beach, I was thinking of you and I suddenly realized that I missed you so much. So I was wondering if you would join me in Los Angeles. I know that it is a difficult decision to make thus do weigh the pros and cons. It could be a turning point in our lives, we could fulfil our dreams, moreover we could live together in this land of freedom. With me you would not feel uprooted because we have both come from Dublin.

In California we could build our dream world.

Please answer me quickly.


Patrick xxx


Shannon Ryan

150 5th Avenue, New York City, New York, USA


Patrick O'Connor,

1720 Carlwood,

Los Angeles,California, USA



Dear Patrick,

I am fine, thanks. I have found a job, I work as a nanny in a wealthy family so I do not earn much money however it is not a problem. When I received your letter I was over the moon. I miss you too.

I have to tell you that I was a little bit hesitating about what you are asking me. But after a long thought, I decided that I had to try my luck in Los Angeles; of course I would be delighted to join you in California because I cannot bear being parted from you.

In two weeks there will be a train from New York to Los Angeles consequently I will take it !

I'm so thrilled to see you.


Shannon xxx

Célia Lefevre, 2nde B



Patrick O’Connor

561 Madison Avenue
Los Angeles, California


                                                                                                          Shannon Ryan

236 Broadway




Dear Shannon,


I am in Los Angeles and  I have a good job. I would like to be with you, whereas I must keep my job as I must try my luck. That is why I cannot go to New-York. I want you to come with me.

Los Angeles is a beautiful town, thus we would be pleased if you came. With my job, I get a lot of money, so much more than in Dublin. I am fulfilling my dream, I will be wealthy, and what’s more with you it would be perfect.

I would like very much you to join me in Los Angeles! We would be very pleased together.








Shannon Ryan

New York, NY


                                                                                                             Patrick O’Connor

                                                                                                             561 Madison Avenue
                                                                                                            Los Angeles, California


Dear Patrick,


When you said to me “I don’t want you to come in California as it’s dangerous for a girl,” I was very sad. I would like very much to be with you, whereas it is not possible since I have a good job too. I did not come on a filthy boat, where I was in the steerage and where the food was scare, to finally be dependant on you, or anyone.

I want to be independent. I left Ma, and my relatives who are famished, that is why I must get money and send it to Dublin.

I’m sorry, Patrick. I expect to see you in a few months.





Sabrina Rahoui, 2nde B


Patrick O’Connor

3 Stars Avenue

Los Angeles, California

Shannon Ryan

6 Expectations Drive

New York, NY


Dear Shannon,

hope you feel good and you are delighted. I don’t know in what conditions you are living, perhaps you live in a tenement. I feel cut off from my family in Ireland. I feel so lonely without you. You were my first friend in the paddle steamer– and now I am far from New York and I miss you. For me you are a little of my roots, thus I want you to join me in California. I have found a good job and I can fulfil my dreams now. Where I am I think life is easier than where you are in New York.

If you accept to join me you must be enterprising because the crossing of America requires to be determined. But I know who you are and what your expectations are.

Together we can live our American Dream, get rich and become someone– not a burden for the USA.

I am waiting for your answer and I think of you.




Shannon Ryan

6 Expectations Drive

New York

Patrick O’Connor

3 Stars Avenue

Los Angeles, California


Dear Patrick,

I was waiting for your letter and I am happy. I live in a big house and I work as a nanny. I do not earn much money but it is not a problem. I have met some people like me who have emigrated and who parted from their native countries.

What’s more the children are nice and cute; the only problem is the lady who is a wealthy woman. I am more afraid of her than I was afraid of the unknown.

I am thinking about your proposition but I am hesitating. I have to work six months in NY.

Much love from Shannon.

Pauline Chemla, 2nde B

After Portraits Dansés...


Anonymous poems after Philippe Jamet's Portraits Dansés

at Le Théâtre de Chaillot

by the pupils from the 2nde B-H

 See also the Portraits Dansés special page on George Sand’s HDA blog

The riding school, the mall, the High school

Alive, beautiful, friendly

Soft, green, nice

Warm, colourful, special

Sofa, bed, mirror

My belly and my breasts

Sweet, sparkling, flowery

On my stomach

Lots of greenery, colourful and joyful

I never had any

The evil of love



The forest, the primary school, the station

Small, beautiful, different

Old, complicated, colourful

Luminous, protective, large

My computer, my phone, my dressing-room

My eyes

Sweet, unobtrusive, sensual

The riding school, the dance hall

Small, active, pretty

Big, beautiful, warm

The piano, the computer, the television


Sweet, fruity, sensual

Station, gym, park

Calm, welcoming, friendly

Untidy, joyful, beautiful

Bed, television, computer

My arms

Fresh, soothing, fruity

Mall, park, stadium

Calm, small, nice

Friendly, small, suburban

Old, cordial, interesting

My PC, a vanilla-scented candle, a tea cup

My face

Sweet, simple, surprising

On my stomach

A large place, with a rainbow and sunshine. Numerous colours like pink, red, apple green, white, yellow, orange, blue, purple, as if it was over the shadows, in the sky.

It was on an October Thursday night. We didn’t stop to look at each other. He was a bit older than me. At the end of the night, he asked me for my phone number. He just said my name and looked at me in an unforgettable way. It was my most beautiful date.

My grandma and my grandpa’s death which happened 4 years ago.

When I went to my favourite band’s concert and to the soundcheck.

Dark and loneliness

That my dreams may come true

The riding school , the castles, my home

Old, green, athletic

Quiet, far-off; rural

Cosy, comfortable, pretty

My bed, my computer, mu fridge

My eyes

Sweet, fruity, chocolate-scented

The park, my house, a bench

Pleasant, small, ordinary

Peaceful, friendly, cosy

Spacious, comfortable, colourful

My wallet, my blue piggy-bank, my guitar

My hands

Slight, fruity, refreshing


Impro on Hopper's Room in NY


Class work: improvising on Edward Hopper's Room in New-York, 1932

By Danielle Azran & Edwin Laswson-Body, TL1

"You're getting better at the piano..."


- What's wrong with her? I've just taken her out to the restaurant. I bought her a ring, a car, a necklace... I'm pretty good-looking I believe... Maybe there's nothing wrong with her? Maybe there's something wrong with me? Maybe she knows...

- Just look at him... he pretends everything's fine,  like nothing happened. But I know! and it's certainly not by offering me jewellery or cars that it'll ever change. He doesn't know I know that on the night of my birthday, when he told me he was on a business trip... I saw him then... with that other woman!!

"I'm going to bed. Are you coming with me?"

"No. Go with her..."

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency


The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

By Alexander McCall Smith.

         In Botswana it's not easy for a young woman to create her own Detective Agency. However Precious Ramotswe did it. When her father died, she decided to use her capacities to help people. So with her secretary Mma Makutsi and her other friends, she has solved a lot of small cases : a disappeared husband, a false father, a strange doctor, an unfaithful husband...

         But there was still this missing boy... Are Mma Ramotswe and her good friend, the mecanic J.L.B. Matekoni, going to find out the answer to this terrible case ?

         I liked this book. I think it's not very hard to understand, just take your time ! You can try to find out the clues faster than Mma Ramotswe !


Ombeline Labaune, 2B

Short stories of all kinds...


This is the story of the smallest kingdom in the west. One day during the royal dinner, there were the king, the queen, the princess and some slaves around the table. During the dinner, while they were eating and drinking the father and the mother of Princess Marie were talking about starvation.

Marie suddenly jumped up and screamed:" this morning I woke up in the noise, oh My Goodness, I wanted to cry too, they were all dressed in uniforms of poverty. They were peasants who were singing out:

How many rivers do we have to cross.

Before we can talk to the boss.

All of we've got it seems we have lost.

We must have really pay the cost.

They were singing because starvation had killed three women. While people are starving, we sit here comfortably eating our dinner.

Then the father stopped eating until he found a solution. And the kingdom became serene again.

Erwan Lenormand, 2B 



One day like any others, a girl who was a constable, was slowly walking with her fat and ugly dog. She was hungry so she bought and ate a hot-dog from the shop around the corner. Then, she saw a man who was standing at the opposite of her among so many others. She just couldn't take her eyes off him. Then she saw him stealing something in a shop. She dropped her hot-dog and chased the thief through the city but he was to fast. She was screaming "stop the thief!"  However nobody reached to stop him. Suddenly the dog ran as fast as it was able to, jumped over him and stopped him.

Finally as the dog stopped the thief, it was rewarded and the thief was sent to prison.

Chloé Dalger, 2nde D


The Traveller


One day, a small and young traveller who was emotional, loyal and not violent, entered the ruins of a castle and found a man who couldn’t see anything as he was blind man. The traveller, who was very good ,gave him his eyes. The man could see now and left him.


The traveller continued his trip and arrived in a forest, a big and dark forest where he found a little boy who couldn’t speak, as he was dumb. The traveller, who was very good, gave him his voice. The little boy was very happy, and then left him.


 A few days later, the traveller arrived in a museum and a man asked him what his quest was. The traveller, who couldn’t see or speak now, wrote that it was to help people. And he left the city toward the desert.


When he arrived, at full moon, a robber was there. The traveller couldn’t see but he was intelligent. He was small but athletic and strong, so he killed the thief and left.


At last, he arrived in an underground. He found a little girl that he had to save. She needed a heart to live and the good traveller gave her his heart. Suddenly he cried, he cried because he was happy and left this world with a smile on his face because he had helped many persons.


Léonor CENSIER-MARTY, 2nde B


3 characters, link words, adv & and adj...





3 characters:

George Bush

A Gangster

A Rider


Past perfect

Link words

Past continuous


Once upon a time there was a very stupid man who hated everybody and his name was G. B. At night, he ran over a small child with his car but he didn’t go to jail. People said that wasn’t good because G. had become a cruel killer. So the father of the child who was a rider and a strange gangster decided to kill the killer. G. was sleeping when he quickly killed him.

Mélanie Sursin, 2nde B


The kidnapping of President Bush


To commemorate the anniversary of the attempt on the Twins Towers, George W. Bush had to make a speech to the family of the victims. While he was speaking, a group of gangsters rushed on their bikes toward the president of the United States of America. The gangsters kidnapped him. It was impossible for the FBI and other brigades to catch them. They were the fastest riders of America, aka the Ghost Riders. After 10 minutes of intense research, the FBI stopped their research. Few hours later, the gangsters sent a video message to the Pentagone. In this message, you could see George Bush in big trouble. The FBI decided to localize this message and to go there. A hundred of military men carrying arms arrived in front of the house where the short film had been shot. They pushed the door violently and went into the bedroom where they could hear strange noises. They discovered George Bush under a bed. The Ghost Riders had already disappeared. But the most important was there : the President was safe.

Jordan Ahnou, 2nde H


A few years ago, George Bush was drinking and eating with a rider and with his wife, who was an ex- gangster. The President really loved his darling and at night, he loved to speak with her, and he wanted to stay with her for the rest of his life. But suddenly, the Bushes’ big dog entered the kitchen where the Bushes were eating, and he jumped onto the table. Then, it started to eat from the plates and George was really unhappy.
Lysiane SURSIN, 2B



Now your turn!

Can you find the adjectives, adverbs, link words, past continuous forms, and past perfect in all these stories?


A few years ago, there was a president who was named George Bush. He was cruel and nasty so not many people liked him and he had a lot of enemies.
One day, he was in his office and a gangster entered noiselessly and he attacked Mr. Bush.
Fortunately a rider saved the president and the gangster went to jail.
After that George Bush decided to become nicer towards the citizens and he gave the Legion of Honour to the rider.

Mélanie Gomes, 2B


On 18 January 2009 George Bush went to Chicago to buy some CDs. But when he came out there wasn't his car any more. A gangster had stolen it. But a rider saw the  gangster and followed him on his bike. The rider was driving faster than the gangster. So the brave rider caught up the villain and said to him to stop the car. The gangster  didn't know what to do but he took a gun and killed the rider. When the police told  the story to George Bush, he awarded  this unknown rider with a medal of honor.

Alexandre Sitbon, 2H



Once upon a time, there was a rider who was named Kelly. Kelly was a very talented rider. She lived in a small town in Arizona, called Forks.

That was on a Thursday and she was riding her horse in Forks’ big forest. She knew it by heart and she also knew that there were magical beings in it. Yes indeed, as she was one of them, but she lived in a house, with her family like everybody. But in this enormous forest, there were kind and nasty beings. In fact, with other kind magical people, she fought the nasty beings which killed innocent people. It was a real fight between Good and Evil…


A gangster has already heard about this. He knew about the magical beings’ existence and also knew that in Forks’ forest there was a magical spring and the person who drank from it became a magical being too. But the gangster was mad, of course. So he wanted to be a nasty being in order to do kill, steal and do all the gangsters usually do… He really liked to kill and steal.

One day he decided to go to Forks to drink from the spring. But this one was hidden, and you had to find the lever before being able to see it, because the spring was not in a real forest…


George Bush was not a magical being but he knew all these people who lived in America because he was the President and his sister was one of them. His sister had to protect the spring. Indeed, she knew that someone wanted to find it. That was on a Thursday and she was running with George Bush in the forest in order to check if the lever was secure.

They met a rider, who was also a magical being. Georges Bush recognized her: she was Kelly, the best rider in the magical world. They chatted together and Kelly asked if they knew about a gangster who wanted to find the Spring.

This way, Kelly also knew what happened. With Georges Bush’s sister, they decided to prevent the gangster from drinking from the spring’s water and they walked together towards the lever.


The Gangster finally arrived in Forks on a Thursday after a two day trip. He was very tired but the forest was not too far, he could sleep later. When he saw the gigantic forest he was a little bit afraid, but he remembered what he could begin and entered it. He took his phone and called his friend who told him where the lever was. His friend told him the information and the gangster continued to walk in the forest.


Georges Bush, her sister and Kelly were walking when George’s phone rang. He took it and talked in Spanish, apparently it was one of his numerous friends. And they continued their walk. Suddenly they saw a strange man with a sombrero and with her power, Kelly identified him and she told her friends that it was the gangster. They began to follow the gangster and finally caught him. But, George Bush took an enormous gun and said that the girls had to lead him to the place where the lever was or he would shoot them dead. And it was a special gun which could kill magical beings. The girls were very surprised and George’s sister started to cry. Was it her own brother who was threatening her ? Yes, it was…But Kelly had an idea and smiled to her. She took the sister’s hand and they rode on Kelly’s horse. Kelly called the magical inhabitants of the forest thanks to telepathy. In fact, when they arrived, they were all hidden and they prevented George Bush and the gangster from drinking from the spring water. Kelly and the sister went off the horse and started to scream. Suddenly all the magical beings were there and they caught the men. They sent them to jail and Kelly and George’s sister became friends. They thanked the kind magical beings for their generous help and came to Kelly’s house to drink hot chocolate and eat some biscuits.

~   THE END ~

Marion Chennaf, 2B


George W. Bush, the gangster and the rider.


Once upon a time, George W. Bush was golfing. Suddenly, a gangster appeared in front of him! He stole his golf ball and his golf club. George W. Bush yelled “Help! Help! ”. A rider, who was not far from the golf course, heard him. As he was coming closer, the gangster started to run. But a horse is faster than a gangster! Indeed the rider captured him soon. They went back to George W. Bush. The rider forced the gangster to apologize. George W. Bush forgave him, thanked the rider, and finally he invited them both to play golf with him.

The end!

Ombeline Labaune 2B


One day , a poor young boy was walking in the street in Washington DC. Suddenly he saw Georges Bush ! It was extraordinary ! He decided to speak with him , but as he was approaching, he saw a man dressed up as a rider. He had a gun and he wanted to kill George Bush. So, he ran to the rider, and he struck him on the face. He fell down , and the young man took the gun. George Bush invited him in his house and said " Thank you very much." The young boy  is his new body-guard. And now he is really rich.


Margaux Cartier, 2B


The short story of Joe the gangster and the masked rider.


Once upon a time – in America   there was a shabby gangster  who was called Joe. He was a madman who wanted to kill everybody and to terrorize people. But he wasn’t rich and strong enough. So he decided to play at the lotery in order to win a lot of money one day and thus become influential.

That day arrived and Joe became liable to be harmful to the population, so he was fearful, indeed he was a very cruel and violent gangster. He terrorized everybody in America. And he exploited all the poor of the country.

Joe corrupted President George Bush and all the authorities as well. It was a real disaster. He became very very wealthy and powerful.

But  one strong and incorruptible man remained, and that was the masked rider. He was generous and brave,  and to help the population of the U.S.A. he decided to take the power forcibly.

With people’s help and his black horse–  which was called Perceptive –  he killed his enemy Joe, and restored peace in the country.

The end

Pauline Chemla, 2B


The Rider, the Gangster and George Bush

George Bush, the American President, had a horse named Fireworks, ridden by a famous jockey. The duo participated in a lot of races that they won easily and the President was very happy and proud about it. An unknown gangster was attracted by this strange phenomenon. The man stole Fireworks and said that the horse was his. George Bush asked his jockey to find the animal. He looked for it in every stable and found the gangster after a few days. He dealt with him: he would win the race and give the reward to the gangster who would give back Fireworks to George Bush. The gangster arrived with the horse on the day of the race. The jockey easily won his race and gave the reward to the man who quickly ran away. So George Bush recovered the horse and sold it before stopping horse races.


Lucie Caillard 2H