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20 Sep 2017

Grit - 1ère / how to be successful


Here is the video we watched in class:



17 Sep 2017

Who was Shakespeare ? (TL, Littérature en anglais)

An educational video to introduce William Shakespeare:


15 Sep 2017

Study tips for everyone


Here are ten study tips for a successful year:


video by the Sprouts Schools

11 Sep 2017

English mania (Tle)


You watched this video in class. You can listen again and share your opinion in the comments section.

Please sign with your first names only (no e-mail) + class/group



3 Sep 2017

Welcome back !

It's time to get back to school, meet new friends and have a fulfilling, successful school year..

I wish you all the best.



14 Jun 2017

Polyglots !


A very happy summer holiday to everyone, and remember that learning a language is a great way to make new friends !


15 May 2017

2nde - Humans of NY, a 1950s version


Are you familiar with the website "Humans of NY"? The students from several groups in seconde made a 1950s version , using photographs of artist Vivian Maier. Then, they created the characters.

Happy reading !

Fait avec Padlet

11 May 2017

Some advice for the future students


Some students of the terminale groups are sharing some advice for the future students of Camus ..



advice by Adrien, Juliette, Johan, Ibrahima, Yoann :

Affichage de image.png en cours...



24 Mar 2017

Moonlight - the film that won the Oscar for best picture


Here is another masterpiece for you to see this month. 'Moonlight' has two meanings : the light of the moon at night, but also working as a second job, sometimes illegally. In this film you'll follow Chiron, a young boy who must face adversity growing up in a ghetto in Florida.





19 Mar 2017


If there is only one film you should go and see at the cinema this month, make sure it's this one !

A very moving tale of a little Indian boy left to fend for himself in Calcutta away from his family, after getting lost. Based on a true story.





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