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21 Jan 2018

2de - Humans of New-York

Fait avec Padlet

6 Jan 2018

2de EURO - Poems

The pupils of the European section wrote poems about England after paintings of landscape..

Enjoy !

English Landscape Painters | Geoffrey Chatten

Garrowby by David Hockney.

O England, dear England, (by Luc, Romain, Adrien, Hugo)

Your countryside illuminates my life

The fields are yellow brown and green

It's a feast of colours

ô England, dear England,

When I imagine your orchard

When I walk in your woods

I feel free and I'm filled with happiness

ô England, dear England,

On the horizon, I only see plains with shimmering colours

I get exhilarated on the sweet scent of your roses

My eyes get bogged down in this heap of colours

O England, dear England,

Your road look so long

The horizon is so far

It's like in a beautiful dream.


O England ! (by Julia, Anna, Juliette, Lucas - a poem with rhymes !!)

With your so extraordinary vegetation

We can say that it's you who gets all the attention

You sparkle in the morning with the sun that illuminates you

When people tell you that you are a wonder

It's always true

Dear country of green grass,

of rainy days,

And of Sunday afternoon after a picnic

Among your dark meadows

And your bright shadows

the smell of the ground after the rain

The sounds of footsteps during a walk in the forest

The laughters from the loved people during a boat trip

The triangular river gently comes to the bottom of the forest

The flowers all along were taken care of by a florist

In the sky the birds are flying 

You can listen to the wind blowing

14 Dec 2017

Tle (the idea of progress) - What if Steve Jobs hadn't passed away?

Some students in terminale have imagined Steve Jobs' latest creation if he had not passed away.

Here are their projects - please vote for the one you prefer in the comments section !

>>> I vote for the ... (number..) because ...

n°1 : the I-Eye (by Salomé and Félix)

If Steve Job had not passed away, we imagine his lasted creation : The Ieyes. Everyone has dreamed of being able to take a picture of what we see. Eyes makes it possible to take picture at all the times, from all that you see.
A lenq is connected to a bracelet. On the bracelet there is a small button that sends the signal to take a picture.
This bracelet can be connected to a computer to download the pictures taken.
On this invention there are any downsides because, if people can take all they want in photo, its can be a problem because people can take photos of you without you noticing.

n°2 : Apple Land (by Romain, Sabrina, Emma, Telma)

n°3 : the I-Mac Drive (by Nicolas, Justin)

n°4: the I-Smell (by Elliot, Antoine)

n°5 : the Apple Gate (by Rayan, Youssef, Vassili)

n°6: the I-Wheelchair (by Yassine, Hicham) 

n°7 : the I-Suit (by Fatou, Héléna, Arthur, Rayan)

n°8 : the Dreamcatcher (by Elsa, Abir)


We will present one of Steve Jobs latest creation which is called « dreamcatcher ». The dreamcatcher is a pillow who keep your dream. This new invention help people to remember and continue their dreams, where it was stopped, it can be for example a memory that you wish to relive like a childhood memory. Indeed with the dreamcatcher people will be able to kept, recorded and watch their dream thanks to a system of USB key. But it’s not just that, this invention is an improvement because now you can even program your dreams thanks to a sensor‘s system who study the brainwaves we can read the electric activity of the brain so change her. So the dreamcatcher is an improvement because now you can do everything you want in your dream whithout any limit !
So this product has numerous advantages, however it also has a few disadvantages.

  First of all, the person may becomes addicted to it, every morning it is obliged to connect its pillow has its computer to look at its dreams. They prefer to sleep and to dream than to live and realize. The difference between real life and the dream will become unrecognizable. They follow their dream like it is a real but everybody knows that all the dreamae are not reality.
  Secondly, as the pillow is connected, they are sleeping on electromagnetic waves. The brain would never get to rest and it could be dangerous in the long terme.
To conclude this pillow is a very good invention but it is important to use it with caution and be aware of the dangers it may have to our health and our lives .

n°9 : the Apple Pen (by Tristan, Thomas, Yanis, Mouhamadou)


We are proud to present you our latest creation : the Apple Pen.

This pen have a special option. It allowes you to translate any word you write in one of the four recorded languages. This four languages are : French, English, Spanish and German.

The different elements that compose the pen are four colours (red, blue, green and black),  a little screen with four buttons to select the language of the traduction, and also a bluetooth button to connect your pen with your phone. It’s a revolution because people  will be able to found a word from an other language only on writing the word on his own language.

For exemple if you want to say « a bag » in french but you didn’t know how to say that, you write « a bag » on a paper, you push the button french on the pen and the traduction appears on the screen.

But if you want to write a sentence, the screen on the pen is too small, so we have created an application on our phone. Using the bluetooth button you can connect your pen to your phone and the traduction of your sentence appears on your phone. For example if you want to say « how are you » in spanish, you connect your pen and your phone with bluetooth, you open the application and the traduction appears on your phone.

But one of the downsides of this creation is the price. It’s pretty expensive because it’s a new technologie (150 $). You can’t use this pen for exams. This pen is more destined to young people who is learning a new language or for old people who have to write in an unknown language.

n°10 : the I-Power (by Chloé,  Bettina, Elisa, Liz)

n°11: the I-Lenses (by Nora, Shainez, Nina)

n°12: the I-Vision (by Sacha, Eliott)

n°13 : the I-Car (by Eliott, Brice)

n°14 : the I-Bigo (by Miguel)



10 Dec 2017

Tle (progress) - Gattaca extract : at the geneticist's

Here is the extract from the film 'GATTACA'.

group TS5/6: You will imagine the conversation between the doctor and the parents.

> from 2:15 to 3:33

doctor speaks for 25' - woman reacts 5' - doctor speaks 21' - woman reacts 4' - man also reacts 5' - doctor speaks 15'.


groups TS + TES : You will then watch the entire extract and prepare these questions:

1. What do the parents learn at the child's birth?

2. What do we learn about Vincen't conception?

3. What problem did it cause for him?

4. What do we learn about his little brother Anton?

5. Why was he conceived differently?

Tle - (progress) Designer Babies

source : CBS news


Here is a padlet for more information on the issue


Fait avec Padlet

5 Dec 2017

2de - New-York in pictures - Coming to America


Here is the video to help you learn more about early XXth century immigrants to America.

(cf worksheet to complete)



2 Dec 2017

Terminales - Is progress always a progress?


Here are two videos by Prince Ea to nourish your thinking about whether progress is always a progress..

What do you think? Do you agree? You're welcome to comment!


20 Nov 2017

Historical Australia : "Rabbit-Proof Fence", film by P. Noyce

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "rabbit proof fence"

5 Oct 2017

Ressources pour l'anglais tous niveaux


Les élèves de tous niveaux et les parents sont souvent demandeurs de références pour travailler en autonomie et progresser en anglais.

                                        Résultat de recherche d'images pour "practice makes perfect"

>>> voici des ressources de librairie, il suffit d'investir dans l'ouvrage qui vous convient le plus, et de pratiquer régulièrement:

Petite Grammaire anglaise de l'anglais et de l'oral (niveau intermédiaire, B1/B2), Sylvie Persec, Ophrys - exercices et corrigés.

English Grammar In Use, R. Murphy, Cambridge Press. (niveau B1/B2).

La grammaire anglaise au lycée, S. Berland-Delépine, Ophrys.

Les libraires spécialisés dans le scolaire et les langues sauront vous conseiller (par exemple Gibert Joseph, Attica ou WHSmith à Paris).

par exemple, la collection Paperplanes :

.. et le CDI du lycée !


>>> voici des ressources internet fiables, qui permettent de travailler écrit, oral, vocabulaire, grammaire ou syntaxe.

site du British Council

site de la BBC (plus ardu) (points de grammaire à maîtriser niveau B1) (exercices en ligne avec corrigés) (exercices en ligne avec corrigés)

pour les terminales spécifiquement, pour s'entraîner à la compréhension orale avant le bac: lisez des articles et écoutez les radios BBC (UK), NPR (US), ou VOA news (US ; plus facile, rythme plus lent); il suffit de visiter leurs sites internet.

Il va sans dire que les progrès viennent avec la régularité et la ténacité !


>>> penser également aux cours d'été du CNED, inscriptions au printemps pour la rentrée suivante   et cours à la carte :


Good luck!




17 Sep 2017

Who was Shakespeare ? (TL, Littérature en anglais)

An educational video to introduce William Shakespeare:


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