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ON MY WAY Reviews - 2nde 5 European section
















2nde 5 Tweets to Pickles Company

Thanks again to the Pickles Piccolo theatre and its awesome cast, for the « On my way » play ! You guys were absolutely stunning, acted amazingly and wore lovely costumes! ( I mean, is it really our fault if everyone fell in love with mama Patricia and daddy Franck ? ;) ). So what more can we ask for? #Giveusanotherperformance ! #Onmywaysong #How’sBreddoingbytheway ? 



This play was really interesting for two reasons. You can wonder why? That's a great question! Firstly, this play relates a story in a different way. The story starts with someone lost, crying and we don't know who this person is. Fortunately, someone else arrives, the lead character, and explain us who is crying. Then she relates her flash-back based story with her friends.

But do you remember, I said for two reason and not only one.

So secondly, the topic. This subject was really interessant. Indeed, that spoke about self-confidence. The main character is not sure about her own project, her own person, not sure that she can do it. Fortunately she met a person very nice, which helped her. Yet I don't want to spoil you the play so I will stop there but, you have to know that I found this play very successful !  


I liked the play « ON MY WAY ». I found that the actors welcomed us very well, they were happy. For me the play was very interesting. I would have liked to participate. The actors played their roles well and the students who participated too. At first I thought I would not like but in the end I found the play excellent.


I liked this play because they all acted well.  Ted and Patricia were funny and the special effects (eg: the trees during the trip in Seamus’ car) were amusing.



I really enjoyed On my way. It was a really nice play. The actors were so energetic.  They played, and danced and sang during for two hours without looking tired at all ! Awesome !

Audrey J


 I think the play was very good because it was funny, and we could understand! It was really important for us to understand what the actors said. Their accents were really cool and the story too. It felt strange to see a theatre play in our high school! The characters and the story were perfectly imagined to catch the public’s attention. And there was a beautiful moral because no one believed in the main character. There was life in the play and at the end of the play, the actors said their age and we saw that they were very young with an amazing talent in comedy. And they also took time to answer our questions and I think that is a good point because they were involved and very kind with us. So it was a very good play, come to see them!



With my class we saw  "On my way". It was a very good play and actors played very well.

The story was captivating and interesting. Some people in my class played in the play, I think it’s a very good Idea. I'm not disappointed.





I liked the performance very much.  It was very good. The actors were amazing and played with a lot of passion. It was so beautiful and the history was very interesting. Even if I don’t speak English very well I understood all the story. The characters were very funny, I liked it.



It was really funny and they were really good at acting without any big effects or incredible settings, so it was never boring.  


The play was fantastic! I won’t raise any negative things, all I want to say is positive. I found the play awesome for many reasons:
First, the vocabulary that the actors used was adapted to our level of English, which allowed me to understand the whole play.
I really liked the fact that the actors got students involved and even if everyone couldn’t go on the stage, the actors were very close to us (spectators), they asked us questions, made us applaud… I really enjoyed this actors-spectators contact:.
Even if actors played many characters, we could understand who was who thanks to the costumes that they used and the different personalities they associated to characters. I loved the costumes of Billie’s mother and the personality of Billie’s best friend.
I also found that the actors played very well, the different voices that they used and their funny faces made us laugh a lot. 
Finally, I found wonderful the fact that they sang, danced and played music, I had the impression of being in a musical and I appreciate that.
Billie’s history was fantastic and I keep a good memory of the play. 


Recently I saw the play “On my way”. It’s a very good play It’s an interesting play but when the actor playing the mother winked at me it made me uncomfortable.  But watch this play, it’s very cool.



The other day The Pickles Company came to the high school to perform a play called "On my way". It was about a girl named Billie, who wanted to widen her horizons and to discover herself. But mostly, she wanted to impress Brad; her crush. She went on a trip across Ireland with the help of her best friend Norah.
​I really enjoyed the play because through their acting , the actors showed us that they were happy to be there. Also the play was humorous and easy to understand. The funniest characters were obviously Patricia and her husband. One of the coolest things was that students played with the actors! They were awesome. The play made me think of what is really important in life, which is people who support and care about you.
​I strongly recommend you to watch the play, You won't regret it!
Mathilde G 


Right from their first appearance on scene, the characters looked very funny. And I was very surprised that the Brad's character also play the role of Patricia. I found that the actors played the roles very well because there were able to give expressions of their own. The fact of involving a few 2nde students was a good idea because with so little repetition with them, it seemed like they had been part of the play for a long time! The trip map was also very beautiful.

  I would like to add that the costumes were funny, mostly for the actors who play Billie's mother. And the costumes of the actors who played teens was a bit childish, it made the characters more believable.

  And even though they did not articulate a lot, I understood the majority of things. The music was also a good idea to get the audience with them.

  To conclude, I found the play great, with endearing characters and actors playing very well.




In  my school I saw the play "On my way" played by the Pickles Company on December 20th, 2017. It was a very good experience. I thank the actors for introducing us with this the play. I liked this play and I recommend it because it helps to enrich your English. 



On Wednesday the 20th of December , English & Irish actors came and played a play named On May Way. The play was really funny because characters had interactions with the public (so us). But they were surprises in the play because I did not expect that the story would happen like this.


Today I would like to tell you what I think about the play On my way. This is a very good play, the story is very interesting and the actors who played the play have a very good potential and I like this play a lot because it’s a play where people are living day by day.

Mathilde C


I loved On my way because it was really interesting and the actors were really nice and we can see they enjoy their jobs.



In the play, the first thing which gripped me was Brad's behaviour. Indeed he was shown as a confident guy whereas when we reviewed the play Brad was more ill-at-ease with girls. Apart from Brad's behaviour, I found the acting very riveting, each actor was playing their roles almost to perfection. I really clicked with with the part of Billie, she was so sweet and funny, she was very endearing. 

There was one thing which gave a touch of originality, it was the fact of one actor was playing several persons, for example the actor who was playing Brad was also playing Patricia, Billie's mother. It was so interesting.

Mathilde R